Motorcycle Rain Gear

motorcycle rain gearThe best motorcycle rain gear and suits for men and women can safe your life on the road on a wet day. From one piece to two piece waterproof rain jackets and pants, you’ll be protected from the rain. Aside from this obvious reason for wearing special rain gear when riding your motorcycle in inclement weather, there are other reasons to do so, as well.

Rain suits, jackets and pants that are designed for motorcyclists have certain features that make them unique from normal rain gear.  The jackets come with over-sized hoods in order to properly cover a motorcycle helmet.  This is a key aspect of rain jackets for riders.  Another important thing is to have bright reflective surfaces on motorcycle rain gear so that drivers can see you better in the rain as visibility is normally lower on these days.  Lastly, the pants usually come with suspenders to ensure that they don’t slip or ride lower than is safe while on a motorcycle.

As you can see, riding in the rain is not as simple as putting on a normal rain coat and zipping around town.  To be safe and comfortable while riding on wet days, it’s a good idea to buy special motorcycle rain gear.  It’s better to ride safe than to risk an accident on the road. So being able to be seen with reflective protective gear and with a rain suit that fits when in the riding position as well as being comfortable on the body when walking around.

Making sure that you protect yourself from the rain is just as important as keeping your motorcycle dry. It’s like having the right tires for wet weather. Staying dry will make sure that you are comfortable while riding in dangerous conditions. It’s hard enough riding a motorcycle under normal conditions. Add wet weather and slippery roads

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Riding on the road on dry days is hard enough.  When you add wet roads and rainy weather, it’s a whole different world.  If you drive your car truck or suv in the rain, you know that being wet on a bike is not a good feeling.  What type of rain gear do you wear when it rains?  Do you wear rain pants and a biking jacket with hood or do you wear a full suit?  What type of motorcycle rain gear would you recommend to other riders?

Windshield Sun Shade

windshield sun shadeAuto & car windshield sun shade is necessary for those that park in the sun all day. For all car, truck & SUV owners should consider sun shades for their windshields if they don’t have access to park in a parking garage.

Even if you park in the shade, the sun will move and your car windshield will then be again susceptible to the damaging rays of the sun. Of course, you can’t come out and move your car to another shady spot, so the genius idea of a windshield sun shade was created. Another tip is to tint your car windows to protect the back and side windows as well.

With a windshield sun shade, you can prolong the life of your car interior. No one likes to see their hard-earned cash deteriorate after a couple of years after they buy a car. Cracked dashboards and faded seats are not good-looking. All you have to do to avoid this is to get a windshield sun visor and you’re set.

The custom ones can be fun because the driver can really bring out his or her personality to block out the sun in style when the car is parked. Retractable ones can be found online or in stores at Walmart, Target and Autozone. With all the retail options, there’s a style to suit any driver out there. The materials and colors will vary as well. Using the visor protector to hold them in place, one style and shape may fit a variety of cars, trucks and rv models.

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Get a sunshade that matches your car color or your personality. Have a favorite team? You can get sports-related auto sun shades as well. Whatever type of style or color that fits your fancy is available for sale. There are ones with eyes or even custom models for cars and trucks of all windshield sizes. From small and jumbo sizes, there are so many options in the marketplace.

There are many styles of car shades for sale as you can imagine. If you own one, which one do you own? There are sunshades that are retractable and even automatic these days. But, any sun shade that will protect your car from the sun will do. Keeping your car cool during hot days is the priority. Which windshield sun shade would you recommend to those that are looking for the best option for their car or truck?

Garage Bike Rack

garage bike rackA garage bike rack will help you keep your bike storage at home clean & organized. Options like hoist, gravity, vertical, & wall bike storage racks are the best option for garage bicycle storage. Because there are not many options in storing your bike when not in use, garage bicycle racks are perfect solutions for this common problem.

If you have a garage in your home, condo or even apartment building, a garage bike rack or wall rack system is a great space saver as well as a convenient and safe way to store a bicycle where you live. Having your bike in the house might not be an option due to space. Or, your significant other might not like the dirt or smell of the tires, etc… So, you keep it outside, then the bike is subject to weather like rain and sun; and possibly theft. As you can see, storing your bike in the garage is one of the best places.

So, why a garage bike rack instead of just laying it there on the wall? Sometimes when you park your car you can hit it or it may fall in an earthquake. Also, having it on a wall rack can keep it tucked to the wall and as space efficient as possible. Some of the models can take 2 bikes. Then, other wall or vertical racks have trays and hangers for your cycling gear like helmets, shoes and water bottles – all your biking gear in one place.

Vertical bike racks and wall bike racks are pretty much the same. They use gravity to stay up. You can also bolt them to the wall for more support. Most garage bike racks are of this type. Then, there are the hoist bicycle storage racks that have a pulley system to hang your bike on the roof of our garage; saving even more space. Which model for you is up to your budget and space-saving needs. All the options are better than not having a bike storage rack for your garage, though.

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There are plenty of different ways to store a bike in a garage with various automotive accessories meant for the car port or home interior like these by Racor here. If you own a bike rack for your garage, you know this. Just shopping for a garage rack can be crazy since there are so many models. Why did you settle on the type you got? Why did you choose a wall mount vs a hoist, for example. Did you go with a gravity or vertical bike storage solution? Did you consider Racor as a brand? Would you recommend your garage bike rack to others?

Cigarette Lighter Splitter

car cigarette lighter splitterA car cigarette lighter splitter is a popular auto accessory these days for the 12v car cigarette lighter socket power adapter plug. There are USB, 2 & 3 way splitters available now that really help to split the one socket into 2 or more to power and charge all your electronics like cell phones, gps, portable dvd players and anything else that takes the 12v cigarette lighter adapter.

Many companies out there are making these splitters for obvious reasons.  It’s an everyday problem solver with many possible applications and uses.  Almost every device that has a power adapter has a car adapter socket version of that power cord or adapter.  This type of car power plug in accessory is mandatory for every new phone that comes out.  So, the popularity and necessity for a cigarette lighter splitter comes at no surprise.

Normal truck, suv and car 12v power splitters are 2 way or 2 to 1 style units.  There are also 3 way plug adapters as well as cigarette power socket splitters that accept a USB cable as the power cord as USB is becoming more universal each day.  Integrating this power type into car adapter products was an easy decision for electronics manufacturers.

Stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart will have various models and brands with switch that are usb adapters as well as normal outlet plugs. These can be useful for all types of devices like tvs, cell phones, ipads and all other electronics. From the reviews online, you can find the best options for your needs. Big families with many devices going on a road trip will need something like this to manage all things that need power and recharging. The adapter power plug sockets can become a requirement in households with many portable electronics.

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So, if you’re having problems managing your power charging in your car or truck, it’s probably time to get a cigarette lighter adapter splitter.  This simple and affordable device will help make your life and your daily commute much easier.

Having power outlets in the car is a big thing these days with all the devices people carry around.  If you own a power splitter for the cigarette socket, which one do you have like there?  Do you have a 2 way or 2 way one?  Does the adapter have USB plugin capabilities?  Have you had problems with your splitter?  Which cigarette lighter splitter would you recommend to others?

LED Trailer Lights

led trailer lightsLED Trailer Lights are great for replacing old brake & tail trailer lighting. These trailer light kits are a good idea for trailers of all types including boat trailers (submersible LED lights).  If you’re going to replace your burnt out bulbs, might as well extend the life of your new lights by buying LEDs.

The great thing about LED trailer lights in general is that they are longer life and produce less heat.  The heat issue doesn’t really matter with tail brake lights on trailers (unless you get too close to them), but the longer life is definitely a positive.  For the money, it’s just more cost effective to replace your trailer lights with LED trailer lights for either the tail or the brake lights.  There are LED trailer light kits for both.  Make it all LED lighting!

Now, if you’re a boat owner and have a boat trailer, you’ll be happy to know that there are LED boat trailer lights that are marine-grade and therefore, submersible.  This is great for getting the best out of your LED trailer lighting kits and still being able to get your boat in and out of the water.

Many people that search for these lights want the brightest ones possible. Those by Peterson and Grote are definitely up there with the best. These LED back up lights really make a difference during those times when it’s both really pitch dark and those transition times from night to day or the other way around. Other motorist also search for clear light kits as well as LED clearance lights to add to there trailer lighting needs. Since these RV and utility vehicles are so big, wide and oddly-shaped, it is important to let people know that you are there and make yourself visible to other people on the road at all times. Normal tail lights can do this, but LED bulbs will last longer and take up less energy in the process. This is a huge economical benefit in the long run.

Looking For LED Trailer Lights?

So if you’re planning to change your tail lights on your trailer, you owe it to your beloved trailer and your wallet to get LED trailer tail lights installed for a long life of effective brake lighting on your automotive trailer.

If you’ve ever used or seen these new LED lights on vehicles, you know they’re bright and last long.  Have you installed a set on your trailer?  If so, was it easier or more difficult that installing traditional trailer lights?  What do you like most about the new lights?  Did you buy them in a lighting kit?  Was the kit especially for tail lights or brake lights?  What brand or model of LED trailer lights would you recommend to others?

Dashboard Hula Girl

dashboard hula girlSpice up your daily commute with a dashboard hula girl. This iconic & classic hawaiian grass skirt dancer will make your car rides in traffic seem like island vacations. Okay, maybe not an island vacation per se, but being in the car with a nice bobble head grass skirt girl in your car, truck or suv is better than not having one.

This retro and vintage dashboard hula girl doll is really THE car dashboard bobble thing to get if you’re going on a road trip or just going to work.  If there’s any car interior accessory to get (besides hanging dice), it’s this! Don’t be afraid to show your love for some r & r in your car or suv by slapping one of these on the dashboard of your car; whether you have a Mercedes, Big Rig Truck, motorcycle or a scooter!

Looking For the Perfect dashboard hula girl? These hula dancing girls come with the classic grass skirt and sway, dance, bob, and jiggle on your automobile dash board as you drive along on your merry way. Some even come with a cool little ukulele – how very hawaiian of her!

There are battery-operated ones that shake at their own pace. Or you can settle for a classic one that moves with the road and your car. Let this little dancer bobble doll accompany you on your trips to and from work and beyond. Obviously, one of the more iconic things that are seen in road trip movies in cars along with dice in the mirror, a cross country trip in your automobiles wouldn’t be the same without one. Some have a guitar or other instrument as well as dancing the hula with a traditional hawaiian lei and grass skirt on. Different skin complexions from light to dark are available as well.

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Some favorites are the vintage dashboard girl dancer bobble dolls. There are probably many names for this little booty shaking doll.  It bobbles, dances, and shakes away as you drive. There are certainly tons of new ones for sale, but an original throw-back, retro, or vintage dashboard hula girl would actually be kind of cool; especially in an old vintage or classic car. Imagine your old drop top convertible with one of these hawaiian hula girls rocking away as you drive up and down the coast soaking up the rays, scenery, and fun!

If you have a hula dashboard girl, what’s her favorite song?  Do you have one with a ukulele?  Is it the bobble kind or the one that sways or is it just a plain old classic or vintage one?  Have you named her?  I know some of you out there have!  Let us know what you love about your dashboard hula girl!

Harley Davidson Rain Suit

harley davidson rain suitA Harley Davidson rain suit is popular brand of motorcycle rain gear. If you love Harley bikes & have to ride in wet weather, then finding some Harley Davidson rain gear may be a good idea. Whether you choose a full rain suit or just the tops or bottoms, staying dry on a motorcycle is important. Harley-Davidson knows a thing or two about motorcycles and motorcyclists, so you can be sure that their rain gear is top notch.

One example of thinking of the rider in the design of Harley Davidson rain suit gear is that the hoods on the suits are large enough to go over motorcycle helmets. This is one huge factor that sets motorcycle rain gear by Harley and other companies apart from just any old rain coat or jacket. Sure, if it’s not pouring down, you may not need a hood, but why chance it? Having one riding jacket for all types of wet weather will make life easier and riding safer.

The pants that are part of the Harley Davidson rain suit have suspenders to keep the pants from falling and bunching up at the bottom; which is key for many reasons while riding a motorcycle. These suits can run big for some people if you’re going to wear it over your normal clothes, so making sure the pants stay on properly is important.

Another feature is reflective surfaces on the jackets. It’s hard to see motorcyclists when it’s not raining, so making sure to be seen when it’s raining is a safety issue and Harley has thought of this and have made it a priority by including bright strips on their motorcycle rain gear.

The rain gear sets come in the Harley orange, black, and gray. Finding a color and size that fits your needs and style will help you protect yourself from the rain and from possible accidents on the road on wet days. Having one of these of any brand on those bad weather days can be the best investment in motorcycle automotive gear.

More Harley Davidson Rain Suit Info

Motorcycle rain gear is important if you plan on riding in wet weather.  If you’re a Harley rider and love the brand, you’ve probably seen or own these rain suits by them.  Which is your favorite color – the black, orange or gray suit?  Do the sizes run big or small?  Did the suits work to protect you from the rain?  Would you recommend a Harley Davidson rain suit to other motorcyclists?

Suzuki Hayabusa For Sale

suzuki hayabusa for saleMotorcycle enthusiast love searching for models of new and used Suzuki Hayabusa for sale online. From stock to custom, these fast bikes can be found on ebay, Craigslist and other forums for sale by owner. They’re not cheap, but can go for much less than retail at the right place. With serious horse power, these go 0-60 super quick and have insane top speed ratings that will meet the needs of any speed-seekers.

Finding the right Suzuki Hayabusa for sale can be tricky as many people that own this Hayabusa motorcycle usually are going for top speed increases which involve custom engine enhancements and parts to better the specs to increase horsepower. Popular modifications include a new exuast, turbo, and additional accessories for performance enhancement of 0-60 times and top speed increase. This can also increase the price for new and used Hayabusa motor bikes. Some popular years include 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. Prices will vary depending on mileage, upgrades and shipping costs if bought online. All these variable should be considered when buying any motorcycle, not just a Suzuki Hayabusa.

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There are many heavily modified Hayabusas for sale on the market. For enthusiasts, navigating these various models by year, color, engine size and modifications can be a task unto itself. But, when the right one is found, it’ll be fast and ready to go. If you’re handy, you can save some money and buy a fixer-upper and do some nice work on the motorcycle to make it meet your needs. If you’re searching for a new or used Suzuki Hayabusa for sale, check the local classifieds and the online auction sites before going to a dealer to get the best deals.

Carports For Sale

carports for saleThe different carports for sale offer motorists great options for outdoor vehicle storage from small coupes to SUV or RVs. Metal carports like the popular steel or aluminum types are best for permanent or semi-permanent installations. If you need a portable solution, there are carport kits that can be bought locally or online that come with poles, canopy cover and hardware to put it all together. The canvas or synthetic covers are designed to withstand the elements from sun to rain and wind. There are even some models that come with siding or side panels that can be installed for severe weather like snow to cover all sides of the interior like a real garage with a zipper front. The sizes of these carports vary from sedan sized to extra wide for two cars or very tall, large and long for RV storage. The size and material will dictate the prices for the one you end up buying. If you’re handy, you can even obtain carport plans online to build one from metal or even wood. Either way, choosing one of the types of carports for sale to protect your investment and primary mode of transportation when parked outdoors is important.

When searching for carports for sale, you’ll want to consider a few things like whether it will be a permanent installation of just temporary. If it’s going to live in a certain place by your house or by a business structure, then something more sturdy and a more well thought out install will be needed. Also, the material will vary as well. For permanent installs, you’ll choose options like a metal carport, steel and aluminum carport options. For portable carport models, it’ll be more carport canopy designs that are plastic and other cheap materials. The material will make the prices for these vary greatly for obvious reasons. Companies like Eagle Carports, TNT, Tri State and Carolina are great places to start for research on carport kits include those for larger vehicles like RV and travel trailers.

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If you’re handy, you could possible make a carport with the various designs and DIY kits on sale or even make one out of wood. But, building a carport is not a small task and depending on where and how you build it, you may need a permit to do so like certain styles of lean to carports for 2 car parking and more. Check out the top brands and manufacturers for the top sizes and styles, if you’re looking for Carports for sale.

Hubcaps For Sale

hubcaps for saleReplacement wheel covers like new and used hubcaps for sale can be found online and locally for cheap. Standard sizes like 14, 15 inch & 16″ car hubcaps are the most sought after and searched models. Motorists such as yourself like to check out personalized and custom ones like pink, spinner, and dog dish types. Color can be a deciding factor as well like chrome or black to match a vehicle’s color. Although, many just want plain old hub caps to replace broken or scratched ones that will look like OEM factory ones that came with the car. These aftermarket ones like the originals are compatible with all types of wheels and tire like those that come on Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Crown Victoria, Corvette, Scion, Mercedes, Oldsmobile, Kia and more. If you’re not sure, get the right size in a universal model. Popular classic, baby moon styles and old vintage and antique hubcap sets are also available for purchase on sites like Craigslist and eBay.

Hubcaps are always being sought out to upgrade or repair car wheels as replacements. Store like Hubcap heaven, Hubcap City and Hub Cap Annie all stay in business due to this fact. Things from Baby moon hubcaps to vintage hubcaps and even black hubcaps for antique cars. Popular sizes include anything from 15 inch hubcaps to 17 inch hubcaps and even as low as 14″ hubcap and wheel / tire combinations. These packages can be seen at various hubcap stores around town and online. You’ll find cheap hubcaps for sale for old and new cars like spinner hubcaps to golf cart hub caps. Both new and used hubcaps will be available.

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The big thing about buying new and used hubcaps is getting the correct size. Style, color and shape are all factors, but if you don’t get the correct size, then you won’t even be able to mount them. If you’re interested in hubcaps for sale, there are many to choose from in various sizes.