Swiss Gear Tents

Swiss Gear tents is a great camping tent option for beginners and seasoned campers alike. You’ll be able to find huge 4 person to 10 person or more tents as well as lightweight backpacking tents. You can depend on Swiss Army products and especially the outdoors gear because it is manufactured by Wenger. So, getting replacement poles and parts should be quite a painless task.

swiss gear tentsThe popular Wenger tents by Swiss Gear include the Kanderstag backpacking tent, Niesen Hiker tent, Cheval Sport, Falera and Montreaux St. Alban Family Dome Tent. Many families have camped in these top quality tents for years. Many companies make tents for summer camping, but you’ll be able to find 4 season tents from SwissGear as well. This shows their dedication to serious camping enthusiasts.

With many tents, reviews are mixed. Sometimes people get a bad tent that’s faulty or there is one poor design feature. Again, knowing where and in what conditions you’re going to camp in will make a big difference. If you’re going to camp in possible wet conditions, make sure your tent has a rainfly. Not all outdoor camping tents come with this option. Also, if you’re not going to be at a campsite and really going to be backpacking, have a footprint or tarp to put under your tent as to not damage it. Some problems are user error and some are by the maker of the tent. Your experiences will vary.

Swiss Gear Tents Online

One big factor is knowing how to build and setup your tent. Practicing at home before hand or laying out the parts and looking at the instructions when building it for the first before you go out in nature is a good idea. outdoor Swiss Gear tents like other companies will come with clear and friendly instructions and comparable features of any other tent in that price range. you’ll be surprised at what you get when you purchase a Swiss Gear product.

Most of the big dome cabin tents for family camping will come with multiple rooms and storage space for comfortable camping. All this for normally a lower price than other more known brand name tents. The best way to start your search for the perfect tent is by figuring out the capacity of the living space needed. Then you can narrow down by size.

Swiss Gear Tents For Sale

Whether you need a base camp at a camp ground or site, there will be many options for you to choose from. For the backpackers and long distance hikers go small and lightweight. Then, there are family dome camping tents for everyone in between. Start with Swiss Gear tents for camping in your search for a camping shelter and you’ll be in good shpae from the start.

Tent Waterproofing Spray

The best tent waterproofing spray will not only keep water and moisture out of your camping tent, but most of the water proofing products for sale also have other beneficial qualities that make it well worth the purchase price. If you have tents that need re-waterproofing, then treating your trusty outdoor shelter with a coat of tent water proofing spray could do the trick.

tent waterproofing sprayThere are many other tent waterproofing spray products and treatments on the market like tape and nylon or even tent seam sealers. If you have holes or worn seams, these physical fixes may help. But, if the camping tent has been used for many trips and has been subjected to many days in the sun, wind and rain, then the original waterproofing on the whole tent may need a new coat.

Protecting any surface can be easily and cheaply done with a tent waterproofing spray like the ones mentioned below. Some popular products include Nikwax, Aqua Armor Fabric spray, and water and solar coating treatments by Coleman and Mcnett. Some other brands that people have used over the years include Kiwi Camp Dry, Starbrite and Granger tent water proofing sprays. These come in spray bottles that vary from 16 oz., 32 oz., to 500ml volumes depending on the size of your tent or if you have multiple tents. A little will go a long way.

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Popular online retailers like Target and Walmart will carry these types of waterproofing sprays for camping tents. If you’re looking to save some money, eBay and Amazon are options as well. If you want to see what outdoors enthusiast have used, places like REI and other outdoors stores are sure to have different types of water-resistant tent products for sale as well as some user reviews.

The great thing about waterproofing tents is that the spray will usually also be a solar and uv blocking as well. This is great for the two types of things that a tent will face in the outdoors, heat from the sun and water from rain. From canvas waterproof spray to advance tent sealants, most of the products will offer this added benefit so you’ll be covered in both hot and wet days while you’re enjoying your camping trip with the family. Water sealant products by Nikwax and Aqua Armor also feature fluids that are water-based and eco-friendly. These also boast having no odor and also containing oil repellency characteristics.

Tent Waterproofing Spray For Sale

There really is no guide needed to apply these sprays. Just make sure to get a nice even spread. Some of the products are heat activated, so doing it on a sunny day would be a good idea. Depending on the product, they may advise you to let it sit for a certain amount of time for the spray to set. Follow the directions as each company uses different fluids and mixtures.

From the US to the UK and as far as NZ, people all over the world love camping and getting back to nature. If you’re one of the ones that have had the same camping tent for many years, it may be time to re-waterproof it. This is definitely a more cost-effective way to prolong the life of your existing tent so that you don’t have to buy a new one. Getting a tent waterproofing spray to act as a new sealant for your canvas or nylon tent is the way to go to keep enjoying the outdoors with your trusty family camping tent.

Baby Beach Tent

A baby beach tent with canopy is great for those hot days in the sun to block uv rays from your baby. These can be baby travel cots with sun shades or cabanas that serve as a safe and fun place for your child to relax in as you relax whether on the beach, lake or in the great outdoors. Your baby should be able to come along with you everywhere you go.

baby beach tentThese baby beach tents have become so popular, especially in coastal that top stores like Babies R Us, Walmart and Target are carrying different brands of these mesh tents for babies. They are described as sun tents or shade shelters just to name a few. Pop up these tents anywhere and you have an instant shelter for your baby. Don’t be caught unprotected in the sun again.

Some of the best baby beach tent models are made by companies like Sun Smart, Sunsmarties and ABO. Pacific Play, Genji, Kidco, Peapod and others have also entered this market. They know that the safety of a child is always the number one priority for parents. Look for beach tents that are also travel beds. The mesh on these tents protect from wind as well as sun. Some even come with an air mattress so your baby will be as comfortable as can be. Sizes vary, so if you need a larger space, keep that in mind. This could be useful for multiple kids under one tent.

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There is something to be said about easy construction and packing. The faster you can get the tent up the faster the kids can relax and enjoy it. This will create less headache and more time not dealing with crying kids. Tents like the Sun Stop’r is fully assembled and uses a pop up mechanism that is extremely easy and fast to get up. Check for attachable sun shades like mini shade awnings for these baby tents as well. These can prove to be very useful so that you can leave a door open for more air circulation and ventilation if it’s too hot, but still block the entry way from the sun. Some products come with a nice storage case so that it can be stored when not in use like in the winter months.

Baby Beach Tent For Sale

When buying a baby beach tent for your child, check the uv rating and size. Also, make sure it’s easy to assemble and get back into a storage bag for transport to and from home. If you need more shade, a cabana or sun shelter awning is a great extra feature to consider as well. If you’re going to take your baby along with you to the beach or anywhere else where sun, wind or bugs will be a problem. Whichever brand you choose, make sure that you get even the cheapest baby beach tent.

Snowshoes For Sale

snowshoes for saleThe best snowshoes for sale these days aren’t the old vintage wooden ones which are now antique. New snowshoes are made of high tech materials that are strong and lightweight. Brands like Tubbs, MSR, Redfeather, Crescent Moon, Iverson and Atlas to name a few have been making snowshoes for men, women and kids for years now. There are pairs for different purposes and budgets. For normal hiking, a cheap or used pair are great. But for those that are doing serious alpine trekking or climbing, only the best will do to withstand high altitudes, cold temperatures and rigorous terrain. On the other hand, there are cute colorful sets for kids to wear in the snow as they start their first adventures on snowy days.

If you’re unsure of what snowshoes to buy, maybe snowshoe rentals is the way to go for your first time. Most resorts will have them for rent or can recommend a local spot to so do. Many want to try out snowshoeing before investing in time and money on finding and buying the best snowshoes for sale whether it be a set by Tubbs, Redfeather or MSR. If you’re a runner, you may want to check out running snowshoes which are built differently to be more efficient for faster movement. From kids to women snowshoes and snow shoes for men, there are many different sizes and styles for all types of foot travel on snow.

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If you’re learning how to snowshoe, any snowshoes will do. Of course, maybe go for newer models and not take some old wooden snowshoes off the wall. Like any other product, reading all the snowshoe reviews online before buying will make a big difference, so you can learn about snowshoe bindings, boots and sizing where applicable. If you’re going all out, check out the popular accessories as well like snowshoe poles and ski pairings if you’re already going to buy some snowshoes for sale.

Jon Boats For Sale

jon boats for saleNew or Used Jon boats for sale aren’t hard to find these days as there are many brands and types to choose from that will meet your budget and fishing needs. These aluminum welded and even plastic watercraft are perfect for one or two man fishing in local lakes to get to your secret fishing hole if you can’t reach it from the shore. The great thing about these simple boats is that they’re relatively cheap new or used. Of course, you’ll get a better deal on a pre-owned one, but even a brand new one from manufacturers like Lowe, Alumacraft, Tracker, G3 or Crestliner, you’ll still find a size that will be cheaper than buying a full on bass boat or other larger fishing vessel. You’ll be able to choose small or larger ones as well as a flat bottom boat depending on your preferences. Add a nice gas or electric trolling motor and you’ll be set. Whether you’re in Florida or California, there will always be used Jon boat sales locally like in the classifieds featuring the brands mentioned above as well as Polar Kraft, Monark, Lund, Grizzly and Landau Jon boats for sale by owner.

Jon boats can be found for sale in different sizes and types. They’ll be advertised in feet and material of construction. Popular sizes include a 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and even up to 16 ft jon boats for sale. Of course, you have the option of buying new or used. For cheap prices, check out used jon boats for sale before going to a retailer. This goes for aluminum models, flat bottom, fiberglass and even plastic jon boats.

After you get your jon boat for sale, whether a Alumcraft, Lowe or otherwise, you’ll need a few things to get you going. This includes a Jon boat trailer, motor (outboard or trolling) and other accessories like a boat motor mount, fishing rod mounts and some boat seats. For storage when not in use, jon boat covers will definitely help keep the vessel in good condition. For those that want to go beyond keeping their boat in good condition, upgrades and modifications can be made and parts for these mods can be readily found online.

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Not everyone needs a large boat to enjoy fishing on the lake. Sometimes going by yourself or with one other person is all you want to do. This is where a jon boat comes in handy. If you’re in the market for a boat, but don’t have the space for storage or don’t want to spend too much money, check out the many jon boats for sale locally and online.

Outboard Motors For Sale

outboard motors for saleThere are many brands of new and used outboard motors for sale online from names like Yamaha, Johnson, Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda and Force, just to name a few. There are both gas and electric models that vary from 2 stroke to 4 stroke engines. Horsepower can go low from 1 and 2HP to 40HP and up. There are outboards for small and large boats depending on power and budget concerns. Some boaters like these for nostalgia like the antique and vintage outboard motors that can be found on eBay and Craigslist. See an outboard boat motor you like? Check them out at our website above.

Some other top brand names include Tohatsu, Briggs and Stratton, and Mercury. The variations are measured in horsepower, different stroke engines and by mount. The popular horse power ratings range from 2 hp to 5hp and every in between such as 2.5, 3.5 and 4. For bigger boats, something in the range of 35 to 40hp outboard motors can be procured. 4 stroke outboard motor engines are highly sought after. For example, brands like Yamaha make many different types of outboard motors for the different boat owners out there like the Yamaha 90, 115, 150 and even the 225 model. Prices will vary according to horse power. If you need to fix a broken motor or refurbish an old, vintage outboard motor; parts like a mounting bracket, jack plate, and other repair parts are readily available for both gas and electric outboard motors for sale.

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If you’re new to outboards, still with the big name brands listed here. You can’t go wrong with these even if you go with a used one in good condition. If you’re looking for an outboard motor for sale, check your local classifieds and online auction sites for the best deals.

Kelty Kids Backpack

kelty kids backpackA Kelty kids backpack carrier or child’s biking backpack is a great choice to spend time with your kid outdoors hiking & Camping. Kelty kid backpacks like the Elite, Tour, Journey, Town, Country, Backcountry, Trek, & more are great packs to start with to get your child use to the great outdoors.

Being one of the best known backpack companies in the outdoor gear market, you can trust Kelty to house your children on your back.  The frame used in the construction and the materials are some of the best in the industry.  You know you’ll have a great experience with any of the many model Kelty backpacks for children available. Your child will thank you when they’re all grown up for taking them hiking in nature at such a young age.

Sizing, color, baby weight, and price are usually the most popular deciding factors in choosing a kid carrier by Kelty. This of course also true of other brands of backpacks as well. But having one of the best name brand in outdoors equipment hauling your child around is an added bonus and piece of mind. The positioning is high up, so you want to make sure that your child is secure in his or her carrier and will be safe at all times on all type of terrain.

Like any other product, these Kelty kids backpack carriers come in all colors and sizes. There are smaller models for the most lightweight trekking as possible. But if you need all the accessories and storage space, there are the larger models with frames that will suit your needs. There are some with more lumbar and back support as well as extra padding for both you and your child.

Also, storage and pockets are good things to consider.  Another criteria is weight of the pack in general.  Finding a pack that fits your qualifications in these option categories will help you find the perfect pack! When you have kids, there’s never to little storage that you can have for all the trinkets, toys and other special needs items like wipes, snacks and water bottles.

Kelty Kids Backpack For Sale

The price of baby or child carrier products with shipping can be high depending on the model and options. The kids backpacks with the best shoulder straps, like five-point harness designs and lots of extras like waistbelt pockets, grommet holes for attaching a water bottle or carabiner clip and other features can get expensive. But, this is the price you have to pay to be close to your little one out in the sun and go anywhere with them while still keeping them safe. Check out a Kelty tc or fc model for your first expedition with your baby. if you read all the product reviews at online stores and shop smart, you won’t regret your purchase.

If you’re an avid hiker or outdoors person, and have a child that you love taking along, which backpack carriers did you consider?  Parents have different preferences when it come to these products. Or are your kids bigger now and love being able to help and wear a backpack as well?  And why not by Kelty, right? Let us know which backpack kids carrier you used and liked, if you’ve toted your little one in a Kelty kids backpack in the backcountry over the years.

Carabiner Watch

carabiner watchA carabiner watch can be very convenient. These watches on carabiner clips can be clipped anywhere. Companies like Dakaota, Timex, and even Colibri have been making some great normal sized and mini watch carabiners. Hikers usually put these on their backpack or clothing. Popular features include those with compass, digital alarm and even thermometers.

Some people just don’t like wearing watches and timepieces, so a device like this is a great way to keep track of time and not hinder your wrist.  Also, if you’re hiking or will be in the sun; wearing a carabiner clip watch will prevent your from getting a mean watch tan.  There are solar-powered models that would be better served clipped to a pack when backpacking, so as you can see there are many uses and reasons for carabiner watches.

You can get these watches in different colors and materials as well as with different features and options that will fit your needs.  There are nice fancy ones or outdoors rugged ones with all the bells and whistles and advanced options you’d need in the outdoors like altimeters and barometers.  There’s a carabiner watch model or type for everyone. From value models that are cheap and affordable to vintage and collectible ones that can be great keepsakes.

Carabiner Watch For Sale

For these types of watches mounted on carabiners, outdoorsmen love to have an integrated compass on them as well as possibly having the watch digital versus analog for being able to read the time easier in the outdoors. Also, other things like stop watch feature and timer will be available with a digital model. There are even ones with a knife included in the design as well. Another optional option is being waterproof. Water resistant metals and materials is important if you are going to be doing water crossings of various depths as well as temperate environments like rain and snow. Not having to worry about your time piece breaking from water damage is great piece of mind. Reading up on reviews online on cheaper models may be a good idea just to make sure that there is nothing extremely bad about a more value carabiner clip watch.

If you’ve ever hiked with one of these watches, why did you get it?  What did you like about it?  How high in the mountains have you taken it?  How much did the watch cost?  Do you clip it on your clothes or on your backpack?  Which brand do you prefer?  Which carabiner watch brands would you recommend to people?

Coleman Lantern Parts

coleman lantern partsColeman lantern parts are readily available to repair or replace broken parts from your old trusty Coleman Lantern – propane, dual fuel, LED or otherwise. There are many after market as well as OEM replacement parts to make your old gas lantern by Coleman new again. Common part searches are for the 200a like globe kits and mantle repair items. The appropriate parts can be found in the diagram or list of parts in the instructions manual.

Replacement parts for Coleman lanterns that may need to be replaced in lanterns include globes or gas and propane related parts like Kerosene pressure kits, lantern generators or pump replacement kits.  Camping lanterns may seem simple, but the older models have many intricate parts which need to be replaced over time. Some love to take these apart and repair vintage ones. Globe and mantle replacement parts are by far the most common that need changing. These are readily available online at the big online retailers and can be bought for cheap. The more pricey ones are the vintage parts that are not made anymore, if you can even find them.

If you have a vintage Coleman lantern, there are many people that have inoperable parts for sale online for others to buy to refurbish or repair older units.  Older units definitely will need a generator, burner or globe glass reflectors.  Repairing an older light with replacement Coleman lantern parts can be a long process, but bringing a vintage or aging lantern back to life can bring back the spark for camping on memories from previous camping trips.

Coleman Lantern Parts For Sale

As for models, the 200a and 220j are popular old Coleman lanterns that people look out for online and at garage sales. They look out for broken ones for parts to repair other ones in better condition. Globes, mantles, a newer case and other replacement parts are what they seek. There are parts lists available and fix kits for some models. But, vintage collectors kerosene lanterns and piece may be harder to find. A helpful tip is to find a diagram or manual online for the specific model that you’re trying to rebuild. This can save a lot of time and problems when taking them apart and putting them back together. The proper documentation will contain the list of part numbers and service information that will be needed to properly fix the broken lantern. If you need further assistance, going to the local outdoors store might be a trip that will save you time if you need it fixed fast.

There are some old Coleman lanterns out there that campers have used for years camping outdoors.  Vintage models date back to the early 1900s.  These trusted Kerosene or propane models can still work today with the proper replacement parts.  If you’ve ever tried to bring an old, vintage camping lantern back to life, what parts did you need – globes, bulbs, burners, generators, pumps, pressure kits?  Did you find the Coleman parts you were looking for?  Would you recommend a person looking to refurbish their lantern to try and find original Coleman lantern parts or to try to get after market ones?

Vasque Hiking Boots

vasque hiking bootsVasque hiking boots are some of the most popular hiking shoes for a reason. Models like the Sundowner, Breeze, Blur, & Zephyr have been the favorite trekking boots of hikers from all over.  Vasque shoes are known for their comfort and performance.  This is also the case with Vasque boots and hiking shoes.

Does Vasque make the best hiking boots?  This is arguable, but it’s definitely up there at the top.  You’ll see their shoes in all the recreational stores like REI.  Whether you’re into trail running or long hikes, you’ll find a Vasque shoe that’s right for you.  There are models of Vasque boots for hiking like the Summit GTX that is really made for the hardcore outdoors types. Then, there’s hiking shoes like the Breeze that has less reinforcement on the outsole and upper to lower the weight and price for the weekend warriors. Also, look into the Taku, Juxt and Velocity shoes for a different footwear option from Vasque.

If you’re in the market for a great hiking boot with all the bells and whistles like Gore-tex and high grade leather uppers as well as the best soles and technology to keep your feet happy; check out men’s and women’s Vasque hiking boots. For both men and women with wide and narrow feet, Vasque has engineered shoes for hiking especially for both genders. Sizing and comfort are both taken into consideration in the development process. Hikers love them so much they even search for vintage models as well as discount models on last year’s models to save some money. Of they will find ways of resoling or resole repair services for their broken in pairs that have lost thread form years of hiking. This is the sign of a good outdoors gear manufacturer. Along with brands like Asolo and Merrell, Vasque is up there as some of the best hiking boots available for sale.

For those just starting their search for hiking boots, check out the Sundowner and Breeze GTX. These are staple models in the Vasque line of outdoors footwear products. When you become familiar with the different types of technology associated with these shoes, then start comparisons with lower and higher models to find the best fit for budget and sizing. This goe for both men and women. Many love the newer GTX models like the Summit line, but there are still hikers that love the old, vintage look of Vasque boots made years ago. I’m sure these outdoorsmen would consider the Vasque brand one of the best hiking boots manufacturers in the market today.

Vasque Hiking Boots From Men & Women

If you’ve ever owned a pair of Vasque shoe or boots, which model did you get?  Did you like them?  How was the fit of the boot compared to other brands that you’ve tried in the past?  Did you have to break in the boots or were they ready to wear out of the box?  Would you recommend the boots you got for long-distance of recreational use?  Which Vasque hiking boots or shoes would you suggest people try out?