Baby Beach Tent

A baby beach tent with canopy is great for those hot days in the sun to block uv rays from your baby. These can be baby travel cots with sun shades or cabanas that serve as a safe and fun place for your child to relax in as you relax whether on the beach, lake or in the great outdoors. Your baby should be able to come along with you everywhere you go.

baby beach tentThese baby beach tents have become so popular, especially in coastal that top stores like Babies R Us, Walmart and Target are carrying different brands of these mesh tents for babies. They are described as sun tents or shade shelters just to name a few. Pop up these tents anywhere and you have an instant shelter for your baby. Don’t be caught unprotected in the sun again.

Some of the best baby beach tent models are made by companies like Sun Smart, Sunsmarties and ABO. Pacific Play, Genji, Kidco, Peapod and others have also entered this market. They know that the safety of a child is always the number one priority for parents. Look for beach tents that are also travel beds. The mesh on these tents protect from wind as well as sun. Some even come with an air mattress so your baby will be as comfortable as can be. Sizes vary, so if you need a larger space, keep that in mind. This could be useful for multiple kids under one tent.

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There is something to be said about easy construction and packing. The faster you can get the tent up the faster the kids can relax and enjoy it. This will create less headache and more time not dealing with crying kids. Tents like the Sun Stop’r is fully assembled and uses a pop up mechanism that is extremely easy and fast to get up. Check for attachable sun shades like mini shade awnings for these baby tents as well. These can prove to be very useful so that you can leave a door open for more air circulation and ventilation if it’s too hot, but still block the entry way from the sun. Some products come with a nice storage case so that it can be stored when not in use like in the winter months.

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When buying a baby beach tent for your child, check the uv rating and size. Also, make sure it’s easy to assemble and get back into a storage bag for transport to and from home. If you need more shade, a cabana or sun shelter awning is a great extra feature to consider as well. If you’re going to take your baby along with you to the beach or anywhere else where sun, wind or bugs will be a problem. Whichever brand you choose, make sure that you get even the cheapest baby beach tent.