Best Car Speakers

picture of 6x9 speaker set with tweetersFind the best car speakers for you car, truck or suv will depend on several different factors including things like size, price and the kind of music you like. Some audiophiles want the best car audio system for bass like for hip hop or even dubstep. Others that prefer rock and metal will enjoy the sound of car audio speakers with different specifications. All these types are available for sale on the market at high prices and even value deals for under 100 dollars for popular 6.5 systems.

There are several local stores that specialized in selling and installing the best car speakers for automotive audio systems like Best Buy and Al & Ed’s. Online, shops like Crutchfields, Online Car Stereo, Sonic Exlectronix and Techronics offer some great deals and product selection. Top brands like JL Audio, Pioneer, Alpine and Focal can be found at these stores with a variety of model series and lines to choose from for all budgets like value prices for under 100 dollars for sale. Some other brands that many consider to be top rated and high end include Bose, JBL, Infinity,Polk Audio,Sony, Kenwood, Rockford Fosgate and Kicker.

Knowing your car’s measurements and what will fit into your existing setup is important when choosing the best car speakers for your vehicle. Knowing if you need 2-way or 3-way 6.5 inch speakers (co-axial vs. tri-axial) or other variations will help to start your search. There are component sets with separate speakers and crossovers with varying wattage ratings from 35 to 200 watts and more. Popular sizes are 4”, 6-1/2”, 5-1/4”, and 6×9”. These car audio speakers are usual sold in pairs with the choice of single ones for subwoofers. Depending on the set up of your car system, you may need an amplifier to power the speakers.

There are several important specifications when it comes to finding the best car audio speakers. RMS and dynamic peak power in watts can be a measure of power. Usually the higher the better. Combining this with SPL and you get a nice measurement of loudness. For people that want more than just the loudest speakers, looking at sensitivity and frequency response can help narrow down the speaker selection. Sensitivity is a measurement of accuracy and signal to noise ratio. Frequency response will help tell you how low and how high the speakers can reproduce sound at. For those that want speakers for bass, check the low end of the frequency range is important. For subwoofers, this will be low like down to 5hz. For tweeters, this measurement will be high, like 20khz and more. For most mid-range speakers like the kind installed in door panels and rear decks, something in the range of 40hz to 25khz is normal. Some other things to think about are the materials that the speakers are made of like silk versus titanium with tweeters.

Other details include physical ones for mounting like depth and diameter. Most cars will have be able to take 5.25 and 6.5 diameter audio speakers. There are adapters that come in mounting kits for those that need more options. Another important thing is mounting depth. The available space will vary by car. If too shallow, then mounting certain brands and models may be impossible. This may lead to the need for kick panels to be installed and only tweeters being install on the doors. Another thing to think about is having room for crossovers in the installation area for component sets that require them. 6×9 car speakers are obviously not circular, so the name of the actual unit is the size. These will need the required dimensions for installation. Depth is usually not a problem as the rears will end up in the trunk area.

Specs and performance aren’t the only measure of a good set of car audio speakers. Things like support are valued by many audiophiles as well. This includes availability of manuals and tutorials. A generous warranty is a sign of faith in their products. Also, the option for easy email and phone support when needed can be a huge benefit. Other overlooked things are faq pages, forums on the manufacturer site, and knowledge base.

Audiophiles love to compare specifications on car audio speakers. There are many details to consider when choosing the best set, but for those on a budget, find a set that will sound best for the music they enjoy like rock, metal or even dubstep is the way to go. Don’t forget to read reviews and ratings online for real user experiences when you do narrow down the choices. A little research will get you the best value and performance for your car audio systems and can help find the best car speakers for the price you’re willing to pay.