Best Space Heater

electric space heater for home useThe best space heater products come with various options like power type, size, and varying energy efficient ratings for home / room heating needs. People searching for a space heater are usually looking to heat up a small area like a room versus a whole house solution which would be covered by a central heating HVAC unit. The best first move is to read the relevant space heater reviews online after narrowing down by a few main options.

One of the biggest concerns in space heaters is energy efficient models. Since most of these are electrically powered, many people want to know how the heater will effect their power bill and which will perform up to their needs that is also the most cost effective. Even small space heaters can draw quite a bit of power which would cause the electric bill to increase during the cold winter months.

In terms of powering these space heaters, the most popular method is via electricity. However, other methods are standard like propane and gas powered models. Propane can be a great option for those looking for a portable space heater that can be attached to a propane tank and transported anywhere for affordable heating. You may also want to research oil filled, infrared and even battery operated space heaters for your heating needs in your specific living situation. This combined with the other options here will dictate whether you get a freestanding unit, portable heater or even unique installations like baseboard heaters.

Another thing to think about is safety. Some heaters are safer than others and it’s always a good idea to check safety ratings of the different products and consumer reports. This is especially true if you have children in the home. Choosing a unit this way may include searching recently recalled models as well as reading reviews for comments regarding overall build quality and even manufacturer reputation. Always keep you instruction manual handy and operate the space heating unit as described by the manufacturer.

Some top brand names in heaters to consider are Lasko, Honeywell, Holmes, Delonghi, and Sunbeam to name a few. Each brand will have varying levels of heaters for sale with different features offered at different price points. Climate control during the winter months is crucial in some areas and not skimping when it comes to a heating device and buying the best space heater that fits your needs and your budget will help make the colder months more bearable.