Best Wiper Blades

set of Bosch Icon wiper bladesThe best wiper blades for any car, truck or SUV windshield is one that is reliable and doesn’t streak or chatter. Popular brands include Rain X, Bosch, Valeo, Anco, Piaa & Trico.  You’ve probably heard of these brands and may have them installed on your car right now.  Whether you’re in need of replacement wipers or refills, these brands have the windshield wipers that you need, most likely.

One sets apart the best wiper blades from lesser reliable models is that they’ll mostly be one piece to make sure that there is only one pressure point to minimize chattering. Also, these will often times be made of silicone or teflon to increase the wear time as opposed to normal rubber.  Also the best windshield wipers will also come with a treatment for beading water like that of the Rain X windshield treatment for rain repelling.

Other popular features you will find in the best wiper blades for sale include spoilers for better aerodynamics at higher speeds.  Also, being one piece and made of metal for less freezing up like in winter wiper models.  Being curved and have a tighter overall pressure on windshields is a major plus as well.

Whichever brands you’re considering, make sure the sizing fits your car windshield.  The other options are an added bonus.  If you want to spend money, make sure to get the ones with one pressure point.  That’s probably the most important factor to consider when choosing the wiper blades. Other things to consider are heated models for snow or that have a special coating to keep water from freezing to ice making the blades inoperable.

Local auto parts like Autozone and Pep Boys will have all the top name brands for sale. If you like shopping at big box stores with an automotive section like Walmart or Target, there will be a few brands on the market there as well like the Bosch Icon and Piaa Silicone. For online shops, check out Amazon and Advanced Auto Parts for the best deals on everything from all-season wipers to silicone and winter wiper blades for your car, truck or suv. Make sure to check out the sizing and proper product codes because they will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. For instance, a wiper blade for the Honda Accord will be different from that of a Honda Civic. This is the same if you were to look for a replacement wiper set for any car from a Mazda 3 to trucks and even 4x4s like a Jeep Wrangler. If you get the wrong size, you can return them, but why even take that chance and deal with the hassle.

If you have replaced your windshield wipers, what is your favorite brand?  What size is the ebst for your car?  Did you choose Bosch, Anco, Trico?  Or did you go with popular brands like Valeo or Rain X?  There are many other brands that people like to use as replacement wipers, but each car and windshield type will dictate which are the best wiper blades in a given situation.