Black and Decker Ready Wrench

black and decker ready wrenchThe Black and Decker Ready Wrench (MSW100 & RRW100) is a great choice for those that need an all-in-one socket wrench for household use. This great tool is perfect for people that don’t want to or need to have all sizes of wrenches in their tool box and just the necessary usual sizes. This is where the Readywrench msw100 and the ratcheting rrw-100 really shines.

The Black & Decker Ready Wrench pretty much replaces the need of sixteen wrenches (8 standard and 8 metric). People have been loving with all-in-one socket wrench. The MSW100 Ready Wrench replaces about 90% of the socket welching needs of most people – with sizes covering most the most common socket wrench sizes.

The build on them are of very high quality. Tight areas are a little hard at times, but for normal use, it’s a dream. Not having to search all the different rachet sizes is a blessing. Kudos, Black and Decker! The great thing is that because of the brand name, you’ll be able to find these everywhere that tools are sold at local retail hardware stores to online shops. If you have home improvement ideas, definitely add this versatile tool to your tool box.

Looking For the Black and Decker Ready Wrench RRW100?

The Black & Decker MSW100 Ready Wrench is clearly marked in red for inches on one side and blue for metric on the other side. It is a solid tool, a little under 10 inches in length.

Users that do mechanic work say it’s the best for oil drain plugs. The Ready Wrench makes finding the right socket fast and easy; especially when crawling on the ground. Also, since the head swivels, the wrench has extra play and flexibility to get that perfect angle you need sometimes; added to to 45/90 degrees angle of the handle.

However, some complaints are that it doesn’t ratchet, so can be tricky in certain circumstances; also because the head cannot be locked. ┬áThis does have its advantages and disadvantages.

The sockets are 6 point and not the cheaper 12 point versions. For those that are unfamiliar with the difference, professionals will use 6 point sockets because they have less of a tendency to round over bolts. 12 point sockets can do a lot of damage to a bolt when applied with too much torque. I am pleased they went with the higher end sockets.

Most users agree that the MSW100 Ready Wrench by Black and Decker is very convenient. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty. And, it supports both SAE and metric standards. Other things that users like are the etched sizes and rubber handle. All in all, this all-in-one socket wrench seems to be a great buy. Whether the MSW100 or RRW100, B&D did a great job when they designed both these Black and Decker Ready Wrench models.