Carabiner Watch

carabiner watchA carabiner watch can be very convenient. These watches on carabiner clips can be clipped anywhere. Companies like Dakaota, Timex, and even Colibri have been making some great normal sized and mini watch carabiners. Hikers usually put these on their backpack or clothing. Popular features include those with compass, digital alarm and even thermometers.

Some people just don’t like wearing watches and timepieces, so a device like this is a great way to keep track of time and not hinder your wrist.  Also, if you’re hiking or will be in the sun; wearing a carabiner clip watch will prevent your from getting a mean watch tan.  There are solar-powered models that would be better served clipped to a pack when backpacking, so as you can see there are many uses and reasons for carabiner watches.

You can get these watches in different colors and materials as well as with different features and options that will fit your needs.  There are nice fancy ones or outdoors rugged ones with all the bells and whistles and advanced options you’d need in the outdoors like altimeters and barometers.  There’s a carabiner watch model or type for everyone. From value models that are cheap and affordable to vintage and collectible ones that can be great keepsakes.

Carabiner Watch For Sale

For these types of watches mounted on carabiners, outdoorsmen love to have an integrated compass on them as well as possibly having the watch digital versus analog for being able to read the time easier in the outdoors. Also, other things like stop watch feature and timer will be available with a digital model. There are even ones with a knife included in the design as well. Another optional option is being waterproof. Water resistant metals and materials is important if you are going to be doing water crossings of various depths as well as temperate environments like rain and snow. Not having to worry about your time piece breaking from water damage is great piece of mind. Reading up on reviews online on cheaper models may be a good idea just to make sure that there is nothing extremely bad about a more value carabiner clip watch.

If you’ve ever hiked with one of these watches, why did you get it?  What did you like about it?  How high in the mountains have you taken it?  How much did the watch cost?  Do you clip it on your clothes or on your backpack?  Which brand do you prefer?  Which carabiner watch brands would you recommend to people?