Ceramic Space Heater

ceramic space heaterA ceramic space heater should be among the choices of those looking for affordable home heating options. Brands like Holmes, Honeywell, Lasko and Delonghi are great companies to start searching for options in electric, tower heaters with popular functions like oscillating and variable temp control features. These space heaters offer an alternative to costly whole house, central heating units.

Depending on where a consumer lives, the cost of gas and electric will vary. For those that use the whole house and have a gas heating system, this may be cost-effective. For households with no internal or existing heating, a ceramic space heater may be the only choice to stay warm in the winter. When compared to propane heaters, these may be viewed as safer than those and the safest option for home heating. Each family’s situation will be different, so keeping this in mind when choosing a heating option is key.

Some new ceramic space heater models have features like oscillating bases. This helps to spread heat in all directions. Also, these space heaters will sometimes include a remote control for convenient controlling of the unit with on/off, internal thermostat, adjustable temperature and fan speed. Timer and auto on/off features as well as sleep functions can be really efficient and convenient as you just have to set the desired temperature and just sit back and enjoy the warmth.

Ceramic Space Heater Features

Some models even come with a built in ionizer or humidifier to increase comfort levels at home or in a given space even more. New flat panel eco-heaters have started to show up online and in local stores as well. Users usually wonder about the safety and efficiency of convection space heaters that are sold on the market these days. The technology employed in these units are quite well-known and widespread now. So, many safety features have been designed into current products like overheat protection and auto shut-off features. Reading reviews and ratings will answer many of these questions. Also, checking recent recalls into certain brands and models may be a good idea as well. You can never be too careful when shopping for a heater. This is especially true if buying a space heater from a brand that may not be familiar to the buyer like Pelonis, SPT, Sunpentown, Soleus, and Crane. Make sure to read warranties as well.

In many regions of the country, heating costs are a real concern as staying warm during the cold months is a necessity. Therefore, finding the most efficient and economic options is important to many people who live in there areas. To save money on home heating costs, consider a ceramic space heater among your choices.