Ceramic Tower Heater

ceramic tower heaterDuring the winter, many homes employ a ceramic tower heater to keep warm and save money. Some models come with remote control and oscillating options by companies like Lasko, Delonghi, Bionaire, Honeywell and Soleus. If you’re in the market for heating options for your living space, tower heaters should be considered due to price, size and other benefits.

Whole house heating prices can be costly, especially if you live in an area that gets really cold during the winter months like the East Coast states and northern parts of the country. If the house is big, then heating areas that people aren’t in is inefficient and not cost-effective. For those that just want to heat a certain area, a ceramic tower heater can be the best solution when it comes to the resulting cost per square footage of heating area.

Another thing to thing about is portability. If there is no central heating in the house or apartment, then a ceramic tower heater is definitely the way to go. Smaller units may not be enough to heat a room. It’s portable, but not powerful enough. An oscillating tower style heater will give the user the best of both worlds. You’ll get good room coverage as well as being a good size to still be portable. The slim profile will help with storage when not in use during the warmer summer and spring months.

Ceramic Tower Heater Features

Some features to look for in tower heaters are oscillating functions with different speeds, whether it’s variable or have different levels. Also, for more convenience, a model with remote control is desirable. Having the heater farther away to effect more space is a good idea, but being able to control if from the comfort of a sofa or chair is key. Variable fan speed, heating temperatures and auto shut off are other things that can be great on these indoor heaters.

Other brands that have come into this market that offer affordable and economic home heating options include Crane, Comfort Zone, Sunpentown and Crofton. If the major brands don’t offer what you’re looking for in tower heating units, definitely explore other options from the above manufacturers. But, since the names aren’t as well-known as Lasko and Honeywell, make sure to read the ratings and reviews for these products thoroughly before buying. Low prices sometimes means low quality, so it’s better to be safe when making this type of purchase. Also, pay attention to the retailer’s return policy if buying online. With some electronics, there may be a re-stocking fee if the item is returned for any reason.

Home comfort like heating should not be as expensive as it is. Keeping warm should be within the means of all people during the cold months. When considering the best solution, definitely consider ceramic heaters. Finding a model that fits our room and budget shouldn’t be too hard since there are many brands of oscillating ceramic tower heater units with remote control devices to choose from.