Coleman Lantern Parts

coleman lantern partsColeman lantern parts are readily available to repair or replace broken parts from your old trusty Coleman Lantern – propane, dual fuel, LED or otherwise. There are many after market as well as OEM replacement parts to make your old gas lantern by Coleman new again. Common part searches are for the 200a like globe kits and mantle repair items. The appropriate parts can be found in the diagram or list of parts in the instructions manual.

Replacement parts for Coleman lanterns that may need to be replaced in lanterns include globes or gas and propane related parts like Kerosene pressure kits, lantern generators or pump replacement kits.  Camping lanterns may seem simple, but the older models have many intricate parts which need to be replaced over time. Some love to take these apart and repair vintage ones. Globe and mantle replacement parts are by far the most common that need changing. These are readily available online at the big online retailers and can be bought for cheap. The more pricey ones are the vintage parts that are not made anymore, if you can even find them.

If you have a vintage Coleman lantern, there are many people that have inoperable parts for sale online for others to buy to refurbish or repair older units.  Older units definitely will need a generator, burner or globe glass reflectors.  Repairing an older light with replacement Coleman lantern parts can be a long process, but bringing a vintage or aging lantern back to life can bring back the spark for camping on memories from previous camping trips.

Coleman Lantern Parts For Sale

As for models, the 200a and 220j are popular old Coleman lanterns that people look out for online and at garage sales. They look out for broken ones for parts to repair other ones in better condition. Globes, mantles, a newer case and other replacement parts are what they seek. There are parts lists available and fix kits for some models. But, vintage collectors kerosene lanterns and piece may be harder to find. A helpful tip is to find a diagram or manual online for the specific model that you’re trying to rebuild. This can save a lot of time and problems when taking them apart and putting them back together. The proper documentation will contain the list of part numbers and service information that will be needed to properly fix the broken lantern. If you need further assistance, going to the local outdoors store might be a trip that will save you time if you need it fixed fast.

There are some old Coleman lanterns out there that campers have used for years camping outdoors.  Vintage models date back to the early 1900s.  These trusted Kerosene or propane models can still work today with the proper replacement parts.  If you’ve ever tried to bring an old, vintage camping lantern back to life, what parts did you need – globes, bulbs, burners, generators, pumps, pressure kits?  Did you find the Coleman parts you were looking for?  Would you recommend a person looking to refurbish their lantern to try and find original Coleman lantern parts or to try to get after market ones?