Coleman Powermate 1850 Generator

coleman powermate 1850 generatorColeman Powermate 1850 generator models, for the price, has some great specs and made of quality parts that makes it a reliable unit for portable power for camping and other outdoors activities. The Pulse Sport model offers the perfect amount of watt power for most recreational and backup needs. This includes camping, tailgating, and rv usage.

Due to the construction and design of the unit, it’s quieter than other generators due to its fully enclosed nature and also yields added protection. In this product range, portability is important. At 70 lbs., it’s a good weight to power ratio with its compact design making transportation and storage easier along with its 2 handles for even more convenience.

The specs for this Coleman 1850 watt generator runs up to 7 hours at half load. It has two 120 V outlets and 12 V, 15 peak amp battery charger with charging cables (vehicle batteries, cell phone batteries, etc…). A nice design feature is that the spark arrest muffler is approved by the U.S. Forest Service for enhanced safety. All these specifications make the 1850 by Powermate a top buy for recreation enthusiasts that need power anywhere and everywhere.

Although the Sport and Pulse Coleman Powermate 1850 Generator are no longer current models from the company, it’s still highly sought after on eBay and refurbished sites for it’s reliability and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to a backup generator of any size, reliability is the key feature. As long as the oil for the engine is changed properly and the right type is used, problems relating to starting should not occur too frequently. The PM0401851 is known to be quiet with 2 easily accessible power outlets of 120v with circuit breakers. The low tone muffler produces less noise as well as the rubber feet which decreases vibration of the unit. These are perfect for camping with a light up on/off switch and low weight.

Coleman Powermate 1850 Generator Storage

The sport model for RV use is an excellent choice for the price, size and power. Since it’s often stored and located outside, a great accessory to get is a cover for the whole unit. This will protect it from rain, moisture and dust as well as high winds and any other natural elements that come with being on the road for long periods of time whether driving, at an rv park or camping. Sometimes after many uses, the side cover on the pull start side comes off or gets loose. These can be found online easily on eBay or other power tools retailers.

The 1850 Watt Powermate models like the popular Pulse and Sport portable models are convenient for use in all places. However, overtime and multiple uses, things can go wrong like with problems starting the engine or replacement parts needing to be fixed. Read your Coleman Powermate 1850 Generator manual for specs and information regarding service and repair or check the Coleman website.