Coleman Powermate 6250 Generator

coleman powermate 6250 generatorA Coleman Powermate 6250 generator is a popular wattage rating for backup, gas-powered power generator. If you need a portable generator for whatever reason, you’ll get all you need to run conventional electronics when you’re somewhere without power.

Many confuse the Coleman Powermate 6250 watt generator with the 5000 model because of the rating and naming of these generators.  The Powermate 5000/6250 means that the running wattage is 5000 and max watt is 6250W, so people refer to it as both these names.  Coleman does make a Powermate series generator that is around 6000 which are the 6750 and 6800.  These are running watt ratings.  Either way, you’ll get a great power generator for the price.

You never know when you’ll need power like in emergency situations. This is great for a backup generator that will be used when electricity is not available. For camping, and prolonged stays in the outdoors, many use these types of fuel generators as well.

Know the maximum watts that you’ll need for your purposes. 6250 watt power may be too much or too little. This is a pretty good size when it comes to portable generators. Know if you need ohv and the gallon gas tank of each model you consider. With a gas powered model you can really use these for anything you want including air compressors, air tools and for normal power outlets and appliances. Other models by companies like Honda gas engine generators have circuit breaker designs that use fuel as well. Coleman generators have been known for their years of solid use and output.

Why Buy a Coleman Powermate 6250 Generator

For the 6250W max model, you’ll be getting a 10 horsepower generator with 6 gallon capacity.  For the 6000-7000 running watt generator, you’ll get a 12hp engine with 6.5 gallon max. and a higher maximum watt rating.  These are of course more powerful, but at a higher price, so there’s always a trade off.  So, remember that a Coleman Powermate 6250 doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the running watt because the designation may be confused with the 5000W model.

A portable power generator is a purchase that many don’t really consider. But, when you really need it, you wish you had one. It is a convenient thing to have if you like to camp or tailgate, but also it’s great to have for emergencies. You never know when a natural disaster will strike and when the power will go out. So, being prepared and ready is the best way to go.

With all the different wattages in generators and options, how did you choose your current backup, portable generator?  What were your major concerns when looking to buy a power generator?  Coleman makes several different portable power devices at varying watt ratings as well.  Check out the Coleman website for more information on the Coleman Powermate 6250 generator as well as their other portable power generators for sale.