Coleman Powermate Air Compressor

coleman powermate air compressorThe Coleman Powermate air compressor product line includes many models with varying specifications for all types of uses from home to jobsite. With one unit and several attachments, construction, maintenance and repair tasks can be done with the greatest of ease. With variable speed and torque controls as well as low hazard and damage possibilities, these air tools are perfect solutions for any situation where multiple tools are needed.

The first thing to think about in choosing the right model is if you need a portable or stationary one. This will narrow down the products quite a bit when it comes to those made by Coleman Powermate. Both these types can be powered by gas engines or eletrical power sources. Larger tanks can store more air volume which makes it easier to maintin CFM @ PSI rating required. This makes tank size and airflow the two most important factors in choosing an air compressor. Air flow has to do with CFM and PSI. The main thing to know is that you should get an air compressor that is rated at 1.25 to 1.5 times that of the air tool that is intended to be used with the unit in terms of PSI and CFM ratings. The various sizes and styles include names and designations like hand carry, hotdog, pancake, pontoon, stacker, wheelbarrow, and horizontal / vertical portable units.

The great thing about an air compressor is that it powers different types of air tools that can come in handy in all types of home improvement situations. Things like air hammers, drills and grinders can make any DIY much simpler without having to exert physical strength to get things done. Inflation, cleaning and spraying tasks are perfect for an air compressor. For household residential jobs, even lower PSI-rated compressors will be better than having a tool box or shed full of different power tools and attachments. Even ratchets, sanders and wrenches can be hooked up to an air compressor.

There are different air compressor lines by Powermate. The categories range from light duty, medium duty to professional grade compressors for sale. Oil lubricated models as well as oil free units are made by Coleman depending on the needs of consumers. 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8 gallon versions in mini side stack or hotdog tank sizes to choose from. Many of them are sold with a useful 9 piece accessories kit as well as a 25ft. coiled hose. Oil free Coleman Powermate air compressor models are virtually maintenance free, so those who would rather not deal with repairs usually like these products. Oil lubed compressors with direct drive induction motor are usuall more powerful with PSI ratings above 40 to even 175 PSI in the 80 gallon industrial portable version.

Some useful accessories include threaded connectors, couplers, and lubricator. Replacement air hose tubes or extenders like 50′ pvc air hoses are also great add-ons for air compressors by Coleman Powermate. Air flow valves and tank drains can be important for daily tasks as well.

Coleman Powermate Air Compressor – 6, 20, 21 & 27 Gallon

The prices for different models like the 5HP versions and other of the Powermate line will vary on power and features. The type and consistency of the oil will depend on the engine models. For service information, check the website for instructions manual and/or repair parts list for proper Coleman Powermate air compressor oil for the various models and gallon capacities.