Coleman Powermate Drill

coleman powermate drillThe Coleman Powermate drill is a popular power tool that many have come to love and trust. From wired versions to new 18v cordless battery operated drills, Coleman has made an excellent product in the Powermate series of drills that are affordable and reliable.

There are many expensive electric hand drills that are used by DIY users and professionals that really are out of the price range of many that need a simple alternative to a screw driver.  The Coleman Powermate drill has filled this void and done it well.  They have the normal air drill in various sizes like 1/2 to 3/8-inch to reversible air drills that really make life easy for all projects.

There are many things that people like about this great cordless drill. The first thing is that it’s a cordless drill. This is convenient and great for the portability aspect and for getting into hard to reach places. The Coleman Powermate drill is not only cordless, but an 18v device. This gives it extra pushing power versus other 12v or less cordless systems. The batteries may be a bit heavier, but the power you get is worth the extra weight.

If you’re in need of a nice combo set of cordless devices, Coleman Powermate 18 volt cordless set is a great value and comes with a drill and other great useful household tools that use the same battery.  So, just charge one battery to power all the different device attachments.  So, for the price of one drill with other companies, you get much more with the Coleman Powermate series. You’ll be able to find these at any home improvement shop nearby your house or online due to the popular Coleman name brand.

Looking For a Coleman Powermate Drill?

One thing that many people don’t pay attention to when buying a cordless drill is the volt power or voltage. Power tools are all about high voltage for more power, generally. This is why most professionals still use wired or corded power tools because of the higher power output. But for most households, 18v products get the job done. Know the watt power and horsepower equivalent as well when choosing a drill like this. If you need more power, then cordless may not be suitable for your needs.

Some extra things to buy with your power drill can be a drill kit and extra chuck, since these often get lost easily. Also, if you’re going to be doing long jobs or extreme DIY projects, then an extra battery or batteries may be needed. This and an extra charger can go a long way. You don’t want to have to stop to charge your batteries.

Power tools and especially drills are things that need to be reliable and sturdy.  It needs to do its job and last a long time.  If you’ve owned a Coleman product, you know that you’re getting a great outdoors-specific product that has a long history of service.  What has your experience been with this drill or cordless drill set or other 18v cordless battery operated tools?  Does the Coleman Powermate drill live up to its company name?