Coleman Roadtrip Grill

coleman roadtrip grillGet a Coleman Roadtrip grill and take your BBQ or tailgate party to the next level. The Road Trip Grill LX & LXE has many accessories like covers & parts like a griddle & wheeled carry case.  The Pro and Sport models have even more features that you’ll find useful at your outdoors event.

The worst part about a barbeque is lugging around the actual grill.  To get the full potential, you want a nice big charcoal grill or a propane model.  But for portability you want a small one.  But, some small models lack the power and space necessary for a full on bbq.  The Coleman Roadtrip grill is perfect for all occasions. From big to small meals, you’ll be ready for anything with this bbq grill with it’s small footprint, light weight and various options.

The Pro model comes with wheels and handles so you can fold it up and wheel it away when done.  This is super convenient and a great feature to have in a portable grill.  The party grill is small for nice campfires or beach bonfires.  The Coleman RoadTrip grill Sport edition has great legs for a stable wide surface to grill on – perfect for tailgating with many friends, families, and fans! As can be seen by the apparent design of this bbq, it’s all about portability and ease of use. Slim design, foldability, wheels, handles and easy storage makes this grill by Coleman one of the best-selling ones on the market. Anywhere an outdoors meal can be cooked in the park, parking lot or campsite, you’re sure to see a Coleman Roadtrip being used whether the LXE, Sport or Classic models. Just provide your own meat and veggies and you’re ready for a nice meal grilled to your liking where ever you want.

Find great deals below on this great portable and versatile grill to bring a nice cooking environment with you everywhere you go from camping to sports games without losing the power and heat you need to properly prepare a delicious meal outdoors style.

More Coleman Roadtrip Grill Info

Have you used a Coleman Road Trip Grill outdoors while camping or possibly tailgating or just in your backyard at a bbq or family gathering?  What do you think of it if you have?  There are many great uses for this portable grill.  Coleman offers many accessories for it as well like covers, parts, and griddle grill.  Let us know what you think of the Coleman Roadtrip grill!