Dashboard Hula Girl

dashboard hula girlSpice up your daily commute with a dashboard hula girl. This iconic & classic hawaiian grass skirt dancer will make your car rides in traffic seem like island vacations. Okay, maybe not an island vacation per se, but being in the car with a nice bobble head grass skirt girl in your car, truck or suv is better than not having one.

This retro and vintage dashboard hula girl doll is really THE car dashboard bobble thing to get if you’re going on a road trip or just going to work.  If there’s any car interior accessory to get (besides hanging dice), it’s this! Don’t be afraid to show your love for some r & r in your car or suv by slapping one of these on the dashboard of your car; whether you have a Mercedes, Big Rig Truck, motorcycle or a scooter!

Looking For the Perfect dashboard hula girl? These hula dancing girls come with the classic grass skirt and sway, dance, bob, and jiggle on your automobile dash board as you drive along on your merry way. Some even come with a cool little ukulele – how very hawaiian of her!

There are battery-operated ones that shake at their own pace. Or you can settle for a classic one that moves with the road and your car. Let this little dancer bobble doll accompany you on your trips to and from work and beyond. Obviously, one of the more iconic things that are seen in road trip movies in cars along with dice in the mirror, a cross country trip in your automobiles wouldn’t be the same without one. Some have a guitar or other instrument as well as dancing the hula with a traditional hawaiian lei and grass skirt on. Different skin complexions from light to dark are available as well.

More on Dashboard Hula Girl Dolls

Some favorites are the vintage dashboard girl dancer bobble dolls. There are probably many names for this little booty shaking doll.  It bobbles, dances, and shakes away as you drive. There are certainly tons of new ones for sale, but an original throw-back, retro, or vintage dashboard hula girl would actually be kind of cool; especially in an old vintage or classic car. Imagine your old drop top convertible with one of these hawaiian hula girls rocking away as you drive up and down the coast soaking up the rays, scenery, and fun!

If you have a hula dashboard girl, what’s her favorite song?  Do you have one with a ukulele?  Is it the bobble kind or the one that sways or is it just a plain old classic or vintage one?  Have you named her?  I know some of you out there have!  Let us know what you love about your dashboard hula girl!