Exercise Ball Chair

Cenegenics exercise ball chairThe exercise ball chair is all about active sitting – making your body make small adjustments as you sit. This causes your abs, glutes, legs, and back muscles to contract to compensate; thus, working out your core while you sit.

This is great if you’re at your desk all day and have bad posture. Many exercise ball users have spoken out about how their balance ball chair has helped to better their posture and overall core strength. If your posture is bad, putting an exercise ball ergonomic chair into your daily routine might help.

So, if you feel that your back is ailing from your office job or just from sitting all day at whatever your occupation is, you might want to read more about ball chairs and their benefits.  These chairs may literally help save your back.

Benefits of an Exercise Ball Chair

The most important part about buying an ball chair is finding the right size. Make sure you get a ball that ensures that your thighs are slightly pointing down when you’re sitting on the ball chair. Also, make sure that your wrists and hands are in the normal ergonomic position for typing and writing as with a normal desk chair. You want to simulate the proper ergo position as closely as possible. Remember, ease into the amount of hours in your ball chair. You don’t need to and shouldn’t quit your desk chair cold turkey! You can make a nice balance and go back and forth between the two.

If you’ve tried other methods to increase core strength, you’ll definitely appreciate a balance ball chair or exercise ball desk chair because you’ll be working out while you’re sitting and bettering your posture at the same time! Again, consult your doctor if you have any back pains before you purchase an workout ball chair for office work with arms and frame. There are even exercise chairs for the office. Making the change or introducing an exercise ball office chair into your working environment should be done slowly. Maybe start with an hour first and increase your time in the chair gradually.

Many trainers and therapists have seen benefits in using various exercise ball office chairs and have been making the switch as well. If you have a trainer or therapist at the moment, ask them their opinions about a ball chair. CAUTION: If you have existing back back, make sure to consult your doctor before trying out any type of exercise equipment. These and other types of balance ball chairs like swiss ball chairs may cause further pain for those that are already experiencing back pain or have a history of back pain.

Exercise Ball Chairs For Office With Arms & Base

If you’ve tried one of these ball chairs, let us know what you think.  What size fit you the best?  Was it heavy to lift, obtrusive in your room, or made of cheap materials?  There are different exercise ball chair manufacturers, so finding the right one that will fit you and our needs may be a matter of trying them out.