Garden Hose Holder

garden hose holderDecorative garden hose holder styles like embossed copper or heavy duty wrought iron reels and pots are some of the most popular wall mount and free standing models for outdoor residential use. Other bestselling variations include hanger stations on wheels, retractable stations and storage pots with lid covers. If you’re looking for the best one for your home, checking out brands like Suncast, Ames, and Village Products at local stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware or even Walmart.

vOne of the first things to make sure of is that the particular hose storage station is able to hold the length of hose that you currently have at home, whether 20’ or 150’ capacity. Look is another important factor as well. For those that want that classic, antique look, cast-aluminum, stone and bronze are some of the best materials that these hangers and pots are made of. An interior guide on most pot and storage boxes is convenient to have kink free operation of the hose storing system both when taking out and retracting to various lengths and distances.

Automatic reel models are become more popular these days. This is due to the convenience of these models. No cranking is needed as the use electric power to reel the garden hose back into its storage box when watering is done. This can be extremely time-saving and a lifesaver for elderly or disabled persons that tend their own lawn or garden. However, the drawback is the price and weight of these items as they have motors in them. The good thing is that the installation only needs to happen once and can be done by a trained professional, so no heavy lifting is needed.

Besides style and capacity, being able to withstand the elements is important. Cast iron is beautiful, but is prone to rusting overtime if exposed to prolonged wet weather or moisture. If in a covered area or regions with mostly dry climates, these heavy duty styles can be a great fit. Also, for those that would rather not screw or mount things to their home, a free standing garden hose holder may be a better choice. However, some come with a special powder coat or paint that is meant to resistant and withstand the elements for years of durable use no matter the actual material that it is constructed from. Some of these are sold with wheels, so they are portable as well. This is great for those that have big yards and could use the extra length to reach far corners in the garden or lawn.

Some stand or post-style units come with a brass-coated, corrosion-resistant faucet with a kink-free leader for ultimate durability for outdoors use. All these factors make a gardening hose storage unit perfect for ornate and decorative purposes as well as useful for any home. Whether a pot or bowl type is desired should be compared to those that are wall-mounted with a hook or hanger system. Each will fit better in an outdoor living space visually and mechanically, depending on the situation. In larger gardens, a portable storage box with wheels may be more appropriate. These cart and station designs can really make watering a large area easier and fast when it comes to starting and finishing the job. For examples of these, places like Sears, Smith and hawkins as well as Restoration Hardware can be excellent places to start for getting ideas of the many types available for homeowners.

Gardening Hose Holders – Wall Mount & Free Standing

Many people prefer the ease and portability of gardening hose reel carts with wheels for every day watering of plants, flowers and grass. This provides convenience and flexibility in various yard needs and sizes. Large metal pots and stone bowls with lids can be a stylish and inexpensive choice for storing a garden hose when not in use as well. However, most of the popular models on the market or either free standing or wall mount garden hose holder for outdoor use in the front or backyard.