Grohe Shower Heads

grohe shower headsGrohe shower heads offer a great variety of types and sizes of shower head attachments like handheld wand & rainshower style overhead models.  Which ever you choose, you’ll be in good hands as there will be one to fit everyone’s showering needs.

The popular styles of Grohe shower heads include overhead, hand held and dual head wall mount models.  Depending on your setup, you may choose the appropriate type that will make your showering and bathing time enjoyable.  Installation for most of these is easy and painless.  Normal household tools will usually be enough to get these parts installed and ready for use. For systems with proprietary valves, there are usually tools that come with the package.

Looking for specific Shower Head model by Grohe? The Relaxa series by Grohe is great for those seeking handheld shower heads to install in their bathrooms.  Some like to massage certain areas with water in the shower to ease aches and pains.  This would not be easy with overhead units, but very easy with a hand shower.  The hose and other parts are normally included in these kits and sets.

If you would rather not use your hands, then going with the Rainshower or Freehander Dual shower head is an excellent option.  These come in full installation kits with flow restrictors, and everything you need to start enjoying your new shower head by Grohe as soon as possible.  For a nice clean look for your home bathroom, choose the Starlight Chrome color for the shower head that you end up picking.

Why buy a Grohe Shower Heads

The great thing about buying from a well-known brand like Grohe is that they have great support for their products. This includes manuals, replacement parts and installation information available online. Also, they offer cleaning tips and advise on maintenance of their products. Of course all the contact information is there for other issues and questions. However, make sure to read the warranty to coverage information. If you’re not handy with household repairs make sure to contact a contractor or professional plumber for help in servicing the shower head or for installation. Fixing it incorrectly or a faulty install could lead to more problems in the future.

If you’ve ever replaced your shower head, which type did you install?  Do you like overhead rainshower style or one with a handheld portion that can be used to clean hard to reach places?  Grohe makes both these styles, so which Grohe shower heads did you look at and end up buying?