Best PC Speakers

set of logitech pc speakersSome of the best pc speakers aren’t always the most expensive. There are those under 50 and even 100 dollars. For TV, there are high end 5.1 systems for sale at prices as good as for under 200. For gaming, there are awesome 2.1 speaker systems which are some of the loudest and that are great for the money no matter your budget. With brand names like Bose, Logitech, Cyber Acoustics, Altec Lansing, Creative, Klipsh, Harmon Kardon and other audiophile speaker sets.

The best pc speakers overall for each person will depend on if they are more into gaming or more into watching TV and movies. If the latter, then a 5.1 pc speaker system should be at the top of the list. The great thing about this setup is that you can switch to 2.1 mode for gaming and music. If you need a speaker package that is best overall for both of these uses, then searching for the best 5.1 pc speakers is in order. For those that have space constraints, looking into compact speakers for your pc as well as wireless speaker system options can be a good idea.

Some local stores to check out the best pc speakers for gaming, music, tv, or movies are Best Buy, Walmart, and even computer stores like Fry’s Electronics. Office stores like Office Depot and Staples will even have a few speaker systems. Online, checking Newegg, Amazon, and CompUSA is great for the latest deals. Being able to listen to the speakers in the store is a huge benefit for those that want to hear the pc speakers for sound quality, accuracy and even to see which one is the loudest without distorting. If you like bass, being able to listen to the subwoofer can be really useful.

High end brands when it comes to speaker systems for PCs include audiophile speaker makers like Bose, Klipsch, and Harmon Kardon. These companies have been making speakers for years. This includes home theater 5.1 systems that are up there with the best home electronics manufacturers. The basic logic is that they probably make good pc speakers as well. This is true, but for those on a budget, the price tag for these may be too high. So, being able to find the best that is really needed for each user’s situation is the key. For unparalleled sound quality like that of a convention home speakers, then go with a high end, audiophile brand. If an affordable 2.1 system is all you need for gaming and basic mp3 playback, then you can’t go wrong with many popular systems by Creative, Logitch, Cyber Acoustics and, of course, Altec Lansing.

Once you figure out which type, the reading reviews online for similar options within each brand name when price and features are compared is the next step. Definitely looking at high ratings on consumer reports and even Amazon pages from professional reviewers and real user experiences will help shape your decision. One thing to think about is that the sound you hear in the store will differ from that in your room or space where you do your computing due the size and acoustic differences. The bass may sound more pronounced as well as better high range because of closer walls for the sound waves to bounce off of.

Computer users are very into the sound quality of their pc systems. People use their computers for everything these days, so having a speaker setup that will be great for tv, music and gaming is important. This can be seen in the move by audiophile companies to make speakers for pc use. If you are a computer geek, then brands like Creative, Logitech, Cyber Acoustics and Altec Lansing may be the brands of choice while brand names like klipsch, Bose, and Harmon Kardon may be the best pc speakers for tv and gaming.