Garage Bike Rack

garage bike rackA garage bike rack will help you keep your bike storage at home clean & organized. Options like hoist, gravity, vertical, & wall bike storage racks are the best option for garage bicycle storage. Because there are not many options in storing your bike when not in use, garage bicycle racks are perfect solutions for this common problem.

If you have a garage in your home, condo or even apartment building, a garage bike rack or wall rack system is a great space saver as well as a convenient and safe way to store a bicycle where you live. Having your bike in the house might not be an option due to space. Or, your significant other might not like the dirt or smell of the tires, etc… So, you keep it outside, then the bike is subject to weather like rain and sun; and possibly theft. As you can see, storing your bike in the garage is one of the best places.

So, why a garage bike rack instead of just laying it there on the wall? Sometimes when you park your car you can hit it or it may fall in an earthquake. Also, having it on a wall rack can keep it tucked to the wall and as space efficient as possible. Some of the models can take 2 bikes. Then, other wall or vertical racks have trays and hangers for your cycling gear like helmets, shoes and water bottles – all your biking gear in one place.

Vertical bike racks and wall bike racks are pretty much the same. They use gravity to stay up. You can also bolt them to the wall for more support. Most garage bike racks are of this type. Then, there are the hoist bicycle storage racks that have a pulley system to hang your bike on the roof of our garage; saving even more space. Which model for you is up to your budget and space-saving needs. All the options are better than not having a bike storage rack for your garage, though.

More Garage Bike Rack Info

There are plenty of different ways to store a bike in a garage with various automotive accessories meant for the car port or home interior like these by Racor here. If you own a bike rack for your garage, you know this. Just shopping for a garage rack can be crazy since there are so many models. Why did you settle on the type you got? Why did you choose a wall mount vs a hoist, for example. Did you go with a gravity or vertical bike storage solution? Did you consider Racor as a brand? Would you recommend your garage bike rack to others?