Cigarette Lighter Splitter

car cigarette lighter splitterA car cigarette lighter splitter is a popular auto accessory these days for the 12v car cigarette lighter socket power adapter plug. There are USB, 2 & 3 way splitters available now that really help to split the one socket into 2 or more to power and charge all your electronics like cell phones, gps, portable dvd players and anything else that takes the 12v cigarette lighter adapter.

Many companies out there are making these splitters for obvious reasons.  It’s an everyday problem solver with many possible applications and uses.  Almost every device that has a power adapter has a car adapter socket version of that power cord or adapter.  This type of car power plug in accessory is mandatory for every new phone that comes out.  So, the popularity and necessity for a cigarette lighter splitter comes at no surprise.

Normal truck, suv and car 12v power splitters are 2 way or 2 to 1 style units.  There are also 3 way plug adapters as well as cigarette power socket splitters that accept a USB cable as the power cord as USB is becoming more universal each day.  Integrating this power type into car adapter products was an easy decision for electronics manufacturers.

Stores like Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart will have various models and brands with switch that are usb adapters as well as normal outlet plugs. These can be useful for all types of devices like tvs, cell phones, ipads and all other electronics. From the reviews online, you can find the best options for your needs. Big families with many devices going on a road trip will need something like this to manage all things that need power and recharging. The adapter power plug sockets can become a requirement in households with many portable electronics.

More on Cigarette Lighter Splitter Models

So, if you’re having problems managing your power charging in your car or truck, it’s probably time to get a cigarette lighter adapter splitter.  This simple and affordable device will help make your life and your daily commute much easier.

Having power outlets in the car is a big thing these days with all the devices people carry around.  If you own a power splitter for the cigarette socket, which one do you have like there?  Do you have a 2 way or 2 way one?  Does the adapter have USB plugin capabilities?  Have you had problems with your splitter?  Which cigarette lighter splitter would you recommend to others?