Harley Davidson Rain Suit

harley davidson rain suitA Harley Davidson rain suit is popular brand of motorcycle rain gear. If you love Harley bikes & have to ride in wet weather, then finding some Harley Davidson rain gear may be a good idea. Whether you choose a full rain suit or just the tops or bottoms, staying dry on a motorcycle is important. Harley-Davidson knows a thing or two about motorcycles and motorcyclists, so you can be sure that their rain gear is top notch.

One example of thinking of the rider in the design of Harley Davidson rain suit gear is that the hoods on the suits are large enough to go over motorcycle helmets. This is one huge factor that sets motorcycle rain gear by Harley and other companies apart from just any old rain coat or jacket. Sure, if it’s not pouring down, you may not need a hood, but why chance it? Having one riding jacket for all types of wet weather will make life easier and riding safer.

The pants that are part of the Harley Davidson rain suit have suspenders to keep the pants from falling and bunching up at the bottom; which is key for many reasons while riding a motorcycle. These suits can run big for some people if you’re going to wear it over your normal clothes, so making sure the pants stay on properly is important.

Another feature is reflective surfaces on the jackets. It’s hard to see motorcyclists when it’s not raining, so making sure to be seen when it’s raining is a safety issue and Harley has thought of this and have made it a priority by including bright strips on their motorcycle rain gear.

The rain gear sets come in the Harley orange, black, and gray. Finding a color and size that fits your needs and style will help you protect yourself from the rain and from possible accidents on the road on wet days. Having one of these of any brand on those bad weather days can be the best investment in motorcycle automotive gear.

More Harley Davidson Rain Suit Info

Motorcycle rain gear is important if you plan on riding in wet weather.  If you’re a Harley rider and love the brand, you’ve probably seen or own these rain suits by them.  Which is your favorite color – the black, orange or gray suit?  Do the sizes run big or small?  Did the suits work to protect you from the rain?  Would you recommend a Harley Davidson rain suit to other motorcyclists?