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weathervanes for saleWeathervanes for sale over the years have taken the form of many different types of designs from animals to vehicles and any other custom symbols that you can think of . Of course, since these originated back in the day on farms and old homes in the countryside, it’s no surprise that some of the most popular ones are rooster and horse weathervanes as well as other farm animals like the pig, chicken and more. Aluminum and copper weathervane types are the most popular. These are more weatherproof than other materials that are available. Now a days, you won’t see too many weathervanes in the city, the suburbs and other modern living areas. But for backyards like the garden and custom situations, other animals like an eagle, whale, fish and even objects like an airplane, sailboat and even mythical things like witches and mermaid creatures. Almost anything you can think of can be made into a weathervane.

Weathervanes for sale come in various materials and patterns. Popular materials include copper weathervanes and other precious metals that are colored and treated with weatherproof coatings. Some popular topping designs are rooster weathervane designs, horse and other animals. Antique weathervanes have been sold with all sorts of designs to show the direction of the wind as well as for home designs. There are designs for all likes and installation needs.

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The main use of a weathervane is to indicate wind direction with the north, south, east, west designations on the item. It’s part nostalgia part home decor now as digital sensors are available and this information can be found easily online. If you’re searching for weathervanes for sale, check out the different designs and metal materials that match your home / building.