Packable Rain Jacket

Packable rain jacketA packable rain jacket for women, men and kids can be a lifesaver when there is a sudden change in the weather and you didn’t bring a rain coat or umbrella. Many people find themselves in this situation more often than not. Find out which packable rain jackets are best for these occasions.

The point of a packable rain jacket is to be able to store away somewhere to be used as a last resort when the weather changes for the worse. Some locations that come to mind that are simple include the trunk of your car, at work or even in a gym locker or backpack. For those that live in places that have constant and frequent weather changes like states in the Pacific Northwest and the East coast during the rainy, this is crucial.

Sometimes you just don’t know when it will rain as the sun is shining in the morning when you went to work. But partly cloudy on a cold or humid day can turn into thunder storms or flash rains in minutes. So, being prepared for a possible wet lunch break with a packable rain jacket is the way to go. These lightweight and breathable rain jackets are great because they can be folded into themselves such as in a pocket on the jacket so that it’s easy to store and hide away in a drawer. Also, they’re usually quite cheap and pay for themselves on the first use as your normal clothes or business suit will stay dry and keep you from catching a cold or possibly a trip to the dry cleaners.

Packable Rain Jacket

During the winter season, ponchos and raincoats are a normally worn, but these packable types are more for emergencies and on days that didn’t look like and temperate weather was to be expected. Many companies like Totes, Helly Hansen, Eddie Bauer, Columbia and White Sierra make simple and effective packable rain jackets for men and women that get the job done when need be. Zero Restriction is another lesser known manufacturer of packable rain gear as well. Getting an expensive model isn’t necessary as it will not be your everyday jacket, but still knowing and exploring all your retail options is important to save money.

Stores like Cabela’s, Land’s End, Orvis, Bass Pro and Backcountry, just to name a few, will have many different brands, styles and colors to choose from as they concentrate on outdoor wear, which includes rain gear. Both men’s and women’s colors are popular as well as neutral shades like black, brown and blue. For those that want to be even more safe on rainy days, you can get a fluorescent-colored one with reflectors to help motorists see you if you are going to be walking or cycling. There are even cycling-specific packable raincoats for those that are serious cyclists that will ride rain or shine.

Always being ready for any weather well help keep you dry and sane as everyday life is tough enough. Being caught without proper rain gear on a rainy day can just make things worse. If you’re searching for a simple raincoat to store away in a drawer or trunk, a packable rain jacket for women or men is what you’re looking for.

Raincoats For Kids

Kids Yellow RaincoatRaincoats for kids are important during the cold and wet months because they are more susceptible to colder weather than adults with thick skin. You can find cheap ones on sale online or ones that are detailed with cute designs for boys and girls that can be as expensive as those for adults. you’ll find a variety or options from stores like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Gap and Old Navy. There are some specialty makers like like Wippette, Hatley, i Play, Kidorable, and Carters.

Cute rain gear is a whole market unto itself with hoods that look like animal heads with ear attachments and faces like Frogg Toggs and Kidorable raincoats for kids. If your little one doesn’t like putting on stuff heavy coats, then this is a great way to keep them warm when it’s cold outside. For bigger kids, a rain jacket or slicker will do the trick with solid colors of their choice which are widely available from all the top brands and manufacturers.

Raincoats For Kids on Sale

The raincoats for kids on sale these days go beyond the blue and pink for boys and girls. Now, there are designs and graphics of popular super heros, cartoon characters and more. Many parents like to get flowery designs and pastels for their girls, especially for toddlers. Carters Fireman raincoat set is great for boys. These rain jackets can be bought in sets with boots and umbrellas to keep your sons and daughters covered during light and heavy rains. Don’t forget a cute rain hat for them too. This outerwear can be fun and protect them from the rain so they can smile during those rainy days and not get sick in the process. For parents, this is the best of both worlds on days where a happy child is a plus. Even the look of a classic yellow slicker on a child with a matching umbrella can be a joyous site to see for everyone around.

Of course, many parents think about the kids outgrowing their rain jackets as they get older. But, this can’t be helped, so getting cute ones when they’re young can be part of the fun of growing up for them. But, buying a little larger size to last more than one season can be possible. Kid’s rain gear should not only keep them warm and dry, but should be comfortable for them so that they find it exciting and new instead of dreading having to wear the clothing. This is especially true on those cold, rainy mornings when they have to wake up early for school. Not having this be another problem in the morning routine is a good idea.

If you’re looking for a more hardy raincoat for your boys and girls, then going with an outdoors brand is recommended like North Face, Marmot and Columbia which can be found at stores like REI, Amazon and Cabela’s. Sometimes, the thinner and more lightweight raincoats just won’t offer the proper protection, so a heavier alternative is necessary. This should always be kept in mind when buying raincoats for kids on sale online.