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stethoscopes for saleThe best stethoscopes for sale for home and professional use are made by medical equipment brands like Littmann, Welch Allyn, Prestige and others. There are some parts and accessories that sometimes come with the stethoscope set or sold separately like covers like with pediatric models that are cute animals or designs. There are special types like for cardiology or electronic types that are different from the normal ones you’ll see at your doctor’s office. If you want something a little different like personalizing it, you can get different colors besides the basic black like purple or pink stethoscopes. Whichever you choose, make sure to check out the ratings and reviews on the stethoscopes for sale that you’ve narrowed down your choices to. Most are standards in the industry, so they should work as expected for the most part.

There are many types and brands of stethoscopes for sale, but the most famous and best stethoscope manufacturer is Littman. The company makes all types like those for pediatric use, cardiology, neonatal, veterinary purposes and even electronic ones more advanced situations than just the everyday check-up. Other brands include MDF, ADC, Welch Allyn, Prestige, Ultrascope, and Rappaport Sprague. For further customization, there are nurse and doctors stethoscope accessories like stethoscope covers, charms, id name tag add-ons, and colored parts like a pink case / holder. Personalized, custom engraving can be put in as well. For repair parts, some names to know are stethoscope ear tips and the bell

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If you’re buying a setup for home, check out stethoscope and blood pressure cuff combust listen to the heart as well as checking blood pressure. For those that don’t know where to start when it comes to stethoscopes for sale, check out the different options from Littman and some of the other top brands out there.