Specialized Mountain Bike Shoes

Specialized Mountain Bike ShoesSpecialized Mountain Bike Shoes are, in my opinion, some of the best mountain bike shoes for sale. The company makes all types of cycling gear and knows what cyclists need, whether on the road, in the mountains or in the velodrome. If you’re a beginner, check out the entry-level mtb shoes by Specialized. They have everything from budget mountain biking shoes to expensive carbon fiber models for racing and cross country. If you own a Specialized mountain bike, you know the quality that this manufacturer puts out. Specialized Bikes is almost synonymous with mountain biking and cycling in general. If you ask anyone to name a mountain bike company, I’m sure Specialized will be the first bicycle brand that comes to mind. That being said, again, it’s a great place to start your cycling gear journey from the mountain bike itself to parts and accessories and of course, mountain bike shoes.

Specialized bikes has been out there for a while and knows what they’re doing; especially when it comes to mountain biking and their huge line up of Specialized MTB shoes! Next time you’re on the trail, check out the bike shoes and count how many you see by Specialized. They make bike shoes for every size, riding style, and budget! Just like their road bike shoes and even triathlon bike shoes, rest assured that you’ll be getting a quality product that will protect your feet and make those long hours and miles on your bike efficient and enjoyable.

Best Models of Specialized Mountain Bike Shoes

This year, SPECIALIZED BIKES has several new mountain bikes shoes available: BG Pro Shoe, BG Expert Shoe, BG Defroster Shoe, BG Comp Shoe, BG Sport Shoe, BG Taho Shoe, and the BG Trail 110 Shoe. All these are great choice for different types of riders and mountain biking styles from cross country to downhill and racing. The best way to choose which model is right for you is to narrow down by riding style, then go try a few on. Make sure the cycling shoes are compatible with your preferred clip type like SPD, SPD-SL, and the others.

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Specialized mtb shoes have always been very comfortable and durable; along with always fitting well into my mountain bike setup. I’ve had all three of Specialized bikes main mountain bikes – Specialized Hardrock, Specialized Rockhopper, and the Specialized Hardrock. All these great mountain bikes will ride well with your new shoes. Check out their website for more information on the best Specialized mountain bike shoes for you.

Lake Mountain Bike Shoes

Lake Mountain Bike ShoesLake mountain bike shoes are specifically designed for mtb riding. Among the top brands of the best mtb shoes, Lake cycling shoes, makes all types of cycling shoes like road biking shoes, triathlon specific models as well as winter cycling shoes. However, some of their most popular models are Lake mtb shoes for cross country and downhill riding. They’re made with the best materials and tough so that they can withstand the elements of the great outdoors.

Some features that can be seen in many of the MX models of Lake mountain bike shoes include Klite Kangaroo leather, internal Thermaform Carbon Fiber heel counter and carbon fiber soles. They even offer options like rubber cleat pockets and replaceable toe and heel spikes. Some models like the Lake MX331 Cross have temperature regulating heel & tongue liners and side mounted BOA Push/Pull lacing system. Most of the shoes come in sizes and shapes for men, women and men’s wide.

A more traditional mtb shoe, the Lake MX160 has Action Leather uppers which makes it breathable, durable and form fitting. It comes with real rubber outsole with SPD compatible slots. The Air-mesh technology makes it highly breathable and adds wicking. The Fiberglass-injected Hi-Impact Nylon outsole helps to protect your feet on the trails while the triple hook and loop closure system makes sure the bike shoes stay on and are comfortable and adjustable to meet your fit needs.

Popular Lake Mountain Bike Shoes

Some of the more popular models include the Lake MX175, MX237, and MX236. These can be found on the big sites like Amazon. If you’re in the market for a high top mountain bike shoe, check out the Lake MX145. If mountain biking shoes that look like regular shoes appeals to you, check out the Lake MX100. These look like real hiking shoes. Lastly, if you mountain bike year round, then winter mountain bike shoes should be on your list like the MXZ series from Lake such as the Lake MXZ303 and the MXZ236. Whatever your bike shoe needs are from mtb to road and triathlon, Lake Cycling has you covered.

There are many choices out there when it comes to the best mtb shoe for sale. It’s easy to just go out and buy the most popular shoes, but for a unique fit and experience, try out different brands. Some of the smaller companies like Lake Cycling that only concentrate on cycling shoes really know their stuff and the needs of their customers. Visit the Lake Cycling website for more information on Lake mountain bike shoes.

Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano Mountain Bike ShoesShimano Mountain Bike Shoes are very popular amongst bikers of all ages. They have a variety of models of mtb shoes for all age groups, shoe sizes, and budgets! Shimano mountain biking shoes can be seen all over the mountain. Shimano makes great bike drive trains and awesome entry level to professional racing equipment in all cycling gear categories including mtb shoes.

Shimano calls their mtn bike shoes, off-road cycling shoes. They round out the different riding style with their XC-Racing, Endure Trail and Gravity series of Shimano cycling shoes that are mountain and outdoor specific. The current Shimano cross country racing series includes favorites like the SH-XC90, SH-XC70, SH-XC61, SH-XC51, and SH-XC31. For women, there’s the SH-WM83 and SH-WM53. All the shoes boast innovated materials in upper and soles to ensure durability, lightweight, and better power transfer from your body to the mtb pedals for better performance on the trail.

Three of the current line of the Enduro series features TORBAL, which is a torsional midsole which “allows natural rider ‘flow’ motion during downhill” decents. Also, the uppers offer more protection for aggressive riding. But, the power transfer is not sacrificed due to carbon fiber reinforced midsoles. Shimano has thought of everything when it comes to their mountain bike shoes for women and men alike. The respective models include the SH-M200, SH-M163, SH-M089, and the SH-M065. The new MW7 features Goretex as well for your wet weather riding needs. The Women’s Shimano bike shoe in this series is the SH-WM64.

The Gravity series of Shimano mtb shoes line-up (AM9, AM7, AM5) are probably not for most people, but those who need them probably appreciate the thoughtfulness and design. These cycling shoes were made for aggressive downhill riding. There’s tons of grip for pedaling when not clipped in to provide more traction. Also, the added protection goes a long way on the trail like padded ankle collars, armored lace shields. EVA foam brings down the weight, but if you’re not going super extreme mtb riding, check out the Enduro series first.

Why Choose Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano mtb shoes is a very reliable, comfortable and packed with great options and tech. The company definitely ranks up at the top for road and mountain bike shoes and all things bike and cycling related. They are definitely a brand you can trust. Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes definitely uphold their tradition of excellence and innovation!

There are many brands of mtb shoes on the market, so finding the right fit, style and price can be the same task as picking any other type of footwear. If you’re a beginner, check out Shimano as well as brands like Specialized that are big cycling companies and offer great cycling shoe options for all riding styles and budgets. Check out the Shimano website for more information on Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes.

Sidi Mountain Bike Shoes

Sidi Mountain Bike ShoesSidi mountain bike shoes are highly sought after in road cycling shoes, mtb and even motorcycling.  Most of their bike shoe models are made of carbon fiber and are race ready as well as tough to withstand the elements!  Whether you’re on your mountain bike racing on a downhill run or just cruising on a nice rolling single track, Sidi cycling shoes are ready for your outdoors adventures and will definitely make you feel light on your feet with that extra piece of mind.

Sidi mtb shoes are separated into the following categories by the company: MTB, MTB Mega, MTB Women, and Outdoor. These distinctions allows them to create a variety of different shoes for all types of riders at varying price points. As with other top cycling companies, they offer a specialized line for women for a better fit for female riders. This attention to detail and dedication to their customers is why you’ll see Sidi bike shoes on the road and the mountain as well.

If you need the most lightweight Sidi mountain bike shoes for your riding needs, it’s all about the Sidi MTB Drako (also available in women’s fit) due to it’s Carbon SRS materials. The next best thing is the Sidi MTB Dragon 4 with its SRS carbon composite material. Other models that fill out the series include the MTB Cape (& Cape Air), MTB Dominator 5 Fit, MTB Eagle 5 (also available in MTB Womens fit) and Buval (also available in MTB Womens fit). The MTB Diablo Gore and Freeze Rain are high top models for ultimate wet weather protection.

The Mega line differs from the normal MTB series by being 4mm wider across the ball of the foot, adding more volume, a higher instep and a wider heel cup; and lastly, they are EE o EEE width. This designation applies to the MTB Dragon 4 and the MTB Dominator 5 Fit. The last line of Sidi shoes for mtn cycling is the Outdoors series. These allow for comfortable mountain biking, but also offer great comfort for when off the bike. If you’re going to hike and bike, then these are for you. These look like hiking shoes and some offer an SPD option to clip in like the SD15. The MTB Epic (made of “Politex” suede effect upper mesh which offers “strong resistance to ripping, laceration, stretching and fading”) and MTB Ghibli (high top) offer a little more variety for all types of riding.

Why Choose Sidi Mountain Bike Shoes

Sidi mountain bike shoes are reliable and last forever if taken care of properly.  This is not to say that the other manufacturer brand’s mountain bike shoes won’t last the beating that mountain biking usually provides.  It’s just that SIDI really takes the time and puts in the advanced research and development to make sure that their mountain bike shoes are the best!

With all the different manufacturers of MTB shoes out there, Sidi is still a leader in the field. This is a testament to their quality and dedication to the sport. Check out the Sidi website for more information on Sidi mountain bike shoes.