Motorcycle Rain Gear

motorcycle rain gearThe best motorcycle rain gear and suits for men and women can safe your life on the road on a wet day. From one piece to two piece waterproof rain jackets and pants, you’ll be protected from the rain. Aside from this obvious reason for wearing special rain gear when riding your motorcycle in inclement weather, there are other reasons to do so, as well.

Rain suits, jackets and pants that are designed for motorcyclists have certain features that make them unique from normal rain gear.  The jackets come with over-sized hoods in order to properly cover a motorcycle helmet.  This is a key aspect of rain jackets for riders.  Another important thing is to have bright reflective surfaces on motorcycle rain gear so that drivers can see you better in the rain as visibility is normally lower on these days.  Lastly, the pants usually come with suspenders to ensure that they don’t slip or ride lower than is safe while on a motorcycle.

As you can see, riding in the rain is not as simple as putting on a normal rain coat and zipping around town.  To be safe and comfortable while riding on wet days, it’s a good idea to buy special motorcycle rain gear.  It’s better to ride safe than to risk an accident on the road. So being able to be seen with reflective protective gear and with a rain suit that fits when in the riding position as well as being comfortable on the body when walking around.

Making sure that you protect yourself from the rain is just as important as keeping your motorcycle dry. It’s like having the right tires for wet weather. Staying dry will make sure that you are comfortable while riding in dangerous conditions. It’s hard enough riding a motorcycle under normal conditions. Add wet weather and slippery roads

More on Motorcycle Rain Gear

Riding on the road on dry days is hard enough.  When you add wet roads and rainy weather, it’s a whole different world.  If you drive your car truck or suv in the rain, you know that being wet on a bike is not a good feeling.  What type of rain gear do you wear when it rains?  Do you wear rain pants and a biking jacket with hood or do you wear a full suit?  What type of motorcycle rain gear would you recommend to other riders?

Packable Rain Jacket

Packable rain jacketA packable rain jacket for women, men and kids can be a lifesaver when there is a sudden change in the weather and you didn’t bring a rain coat or umbrella. Many people find themselves in this situation more often than not. Find out which packable rain jackets are best for these occasions.

The point of a packable rain jacket is to be able to store away somewhere to be used as a last resort when the weather changes for the worse. Some locations that come to mind that are simple include the trunk of your car, at work or even in a gym locker or backpack. For those that live in places that have constant and frequent weather changes like states in the Pacific Northwest and the East coast during the rainy, this is crucial.

Sometimes you just don’t know when it will rain as the sun is shining in the morning when you went to work. But partly cloudy on a cold or humid day can turn into thunder storms or flash rains in minutes. So, being prepared for a possible wet lunch break with a packable rain jacket is the way to go. These lightweight and breathable rain jackets are great because they can be folded into themselves such as in a pocket on the jacket so that it’s easy to store and hide away in a drawer. Also, they’re usually quite cheap and pay for themselves on the first use as your normal clothes or business suit will stay dry and keep you from catching a cold or possibly a trip to the dry cleaners.

Packable Rain Jacket

During the winter season, ponchos and raincoats are a normally worn, but these packable types are more for emergencies and on days that didn’t look like and temperate weather was to be expected. Many companies like Totes, Helly Hansen, Eddie Bauer, Columbia and White Sierra make simple and effective packable rain jackets for men and women that get the job done when need be. Zero Restriction is another lesser known manufacturer of packable rain gear as well. Getting an expensive model isn’t necessary as it will not be your everyday jacket, but still knowing and exploring all your retail options is important to save money.

Stores like Cabela’s, Land’s End, Orvis, Bass Pro and Backcountry, just to name a few, will have many different brands, styles and colors to choose from as they concentrate on outdoor wear, which includes rain gear. Both men’s and women’s colors are popular as well as neutral shades like black, brown and blue. For those that want to be even more safe on rainy days, you can get a fluorescent-colored one with reflectors to help motorists see you if you are going to be walking or cycling. There are even cycling-specific packable raincoats for those that are serious cyclists that will ride rain or shine.

Always being ready for any weather well help keep you dry and sane as everyday life is tough enough. Being caught without proper rain gear on a rainy day can just make things worse. If you’re searching for a simple raincoat to store away in a drawer or trunk, a packable rain jacket for women or men is what you’re looking for.