Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano Mountain Bike ShoesShimano Mountain Bike Shoes are very popular amongst bikers of all ages. They have a variety of models of mtb shoes for all age groups, shoe sizes, and budgets! Shimano mountain biking shoes can be seen all over the mountain. Shimano makes great bike drive trains and awesome entry level to professional racing equipment in all cycling gear categories including mtb shoes.

Shimano calls their mtn bike shoes, off-road cycling shoes. They round out the different riding style with their XC-Racing, Endure Trail and Gravity series of Shimano cycling shoes that are mountain and outdoor specific. The current Shimano cross country racing series includes favorites like the SH-XC90, SH-XC70, SH-XC61, SH-XC51, and SH-XC31. For women, there’s the SH-WM83 and SH-WM53. All the shoes boast innovated materials in upper and soles to ensure durability, lightweight, and better power transfer from your body to the mtb pedals for better performance on the trail.

Three of the current line of the Enduro series features TORBAL, which is a torsional midsole which “allows natural rider ‘flow’ motion during downhill” decents. Also, the uppers offer more protection for aggressive riding. But, the power transfer is not sacrificed due to carbon fiber reinforced midsoles. Shimano has thought of everything when it comes to their mountain bike shoes for women and men alike. The respective models include the SH-M200, SH-M163, SH-M089, and the SH-M065. The new MW7 features Goretex as well for your wet weather riding needs. The Women’s Shimano bike shoe in this series is the SH-WM64.

The Gravity series of Shimano mtb shoes line-up (AM9, AM7, AM5) are probably not for most people, but those who need them probably appreciate the thoughtfulness and design. These cycling shoes were made for aggressive downhill riding. There’s tons of grip for pedaling when not clipped in to provide more traction. Also, the added protection goes a long way on the trail like padded ankle collars, armored lace shields. EVA foam brings down the weight, but if you’re not going super extreme mtb riding, check out the Enduro series first.

Why Choose Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes

Shimano mtb shoes is a very reliable, comfortable and packed with great options and tech. The company definitely ranks up at the top for road and mountain bike shoes and all things bike and cycling related. They are definitely a brand you can trust. Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes definitely uphold their tradition of excellence and innovation!

There are many brands of mtb shoes on the market, so finding the right fit, style and price can be the same task as picking any other type of footwear. If you’re a beginner, check out Shimano as well as brands like Specialized that are big cycling companies and offer great cycling shoe options for all riding styles and budgets. Check out the Shimano website for more information on Shimano Mountain Bike Shoes.