Specialized Mountain Bike Shoes

Specialized Mountain Bike ShoesSpecialized Mountain Bike Shoes are, in my opinion, some of the best mountain bike shoes for sale. The company makes all types of cycling gear and knows what cyclists need, whether on the road, in the mountains or in the velodrome. If you’re a beginner, check out the entry-level mtb shoes by Specialized. They have everything from budget mountain biking shoes to expensive carbon fiber models for racing and cross country. If you own a Specialized mountain bike, you know the quality that this manufacturer puts out. Specialized Bikes is almost synonymous with mountain biking and cycling in general. If you ask anyone to name a mountain bike company, I’m sure Specialized will be the first bicycle brand that comes to mind. That being said, again, it’s a great place to start your cycling gear journey from the mountain bike itself to parts and accessories and of course, mountain bike shoes.

Specialized bikes has been out there for a while and knows what they’re doing; especially when it comes to mountain biking and their huge line up of Specialized MTB shoes! Next time you’re on the trail, check out the bike shoes and count how many you see by Specialized. They make bike shoes for every size, riding style, and budget! Just like their road bike shoes and even triathlon bike shoes, rest assured that you’ll be getting a quality product that will protect your feet and make those long hours and miles on your bike efficient and enjoyable.

Best Models of Specialized Mountain Bike Shoes

This year, SPECIALIZED BIKES has several new mountain bikes shoes available: BG Pro Shoe, BG Expert Shoe, BG Defroster Shoe, BG Comp Shoe, BG Sport Shoe, BG Taho Shoe, and the BG Trail 110 Shoe. All these are great choice for different types of riders and mountain biking styles from cross country to downhill and racing. The best way to choose which model is right for you is to narrow down by riding style, then go try a few on. Make sure the cycling shoes are compatible with your preferred clip type like SPD, SPD-SL, and the others.

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Specialized mtb shoes have always been very comfortable and durable; along with always fitting well into my mountain bike setup. I’ve had all three of Specialized bikes main mountain bikes – Specialized Hardrock, Specialized Rockhopper, and the Specialized Hardrock. All these great mountain bikes will ride well with your new shoes. Check out their website for more information on the best Specialized mountain bike shoes for you.