Wiley X Sunglasses

wiley x sunglassesWiley X Sunglasses optics are one of a kind & really stress performance & quality in all their lenses, goggles, & eyewear like the SG1 and Romer II models. They’re reputation for high quality has gone as far as the military using their sunglasses in the field.

Like other sunglass brands and manufacturers, Wiley X sunglasses make eyewear for all needs and occasions where you’re going to be in the sun. Popular in many sports and outdoor recreation circles, WileyX definitely holds its own with the other sunglass makers on the market.

Whether you’re going for style, lightweight or performance, all models of Wiley X sunglasses really deliver. Materials like carbon fiber and colors like bronze and gun metal make up the collection of materials that are made available to their customers. Light adjusting lenses and other polarized lenses are some of the pluses of these sunglasses for outdoors recreational use. Some have the interchangeable lenses and straps for high intensity sports and situations where you need to make sure your eyewear is strapped in! Find great discount and cheap prices below on popular styles of WileyX glasses on sale now!  Also, check out the reviews, news, and talk online about WileyX!

For those that are familiar with brands like Maui Jim that are known for their top notch lenses, Wiley X is another manufacturer just like them that concentrates on bringing the best optics to their customers. With stylish eyewear frames paired with high tech materials and lens tints, these combine to make great sunglass models for all outdoors activities. Fishermen and anglers especially love these products with polarized lenses. Shooting and boating enthusiasts wear WileyX sun glasses as well.

More on Wiley X Sunglasses

From the Airborne and Blink to the P-17, there is a frame and lens tint combination for all uses and disciplines. For many, it’s the SG-1 that introduced them to the great brand and is what keeps them with the company until this day. People that find a pair of sunglasses that fit their face and style will uncommonly buy a few pairs and replacement parts just in case. The least amount of variables and things to go wrong on the water or at the range the better.

If you are a proud owner of WileyX Sunglasses, let us all know why!  These are definitely a crowd favorite for outdoors types.  Wiley X has many styles and designs for the ocean, lakes, and hiking as well as driving and all other sports.  Which models of Wiley X sunglasses did you get – SG1, perhaps?