Triathlon Shorts

Triathlon ShortsTraining & racing in triathlon shorts makes a big difference. It seems like a simple piece of gear, but companies like Zoot, TYR, Orca & 2XU know that tri shorts aren’t like any other lycra or compression shorts for other bike and cycling sports. A Many are similar to running or bike shorts, but there are some unique differences.

Everything in triathlon is about lightweight. A That includes triathlon apparel and clothing like triathlon-specific shorts. A Compression is the name of the game here, like running and bike shorts, but different models are made for different triathletes. A Some will do all three stages in this one pair of shorts. A Others will wear a wetsuit over it. A And still others will wear a pair of tri shorts as a base layer.

Best Triathlon Shorts For Men & Women

For swimming, there are triathlon shorts that will glide better in the water. A A singlet or full suit is probably best for wearing in all three stages. A If you’re going to wear a wetsuit, then getting shorts especially for triathlon that don’t need to have special water properties can be bought. A Another great thing about these tri-specific shorts is that some will come with little mesh pockets for protein bars and other food sources. A This is really an important piece of gear for serious triathletes.


One of the biggest differences when comparing tri shorts vs bike shorts is the materials used. At first glance, they may seem similar, but the shorts will be made of material that will repel water better as these will come into contact with water during the race. Normal cycling shorts do not have to have this feature. The water-reppelant nature will make sure that the shorts don’t take on water like a sponge and weigh the triathlete down in any way. Also, it will be quick drying as well since swimming is not the only stage of the race. Excess water soaked into the clothing would create more drag while biking and running. Also, some skin suits or triathlon singlets will have some buoyancy features to the fabric like a wetsuit to aid in the swimming stage.

The difference between tri shorts vs cycling shorts can be seem in the most top of the line and expensive models with all of the state of the art technology built into them. There are microscopic aerodynamic and streamlined construction to the surface of some of these to make them move better in the water and when cycling in the tucked position that most triathletes know all too well. Lastly, there will be increases breathability factors that will make sure that the skin an interior of the shorts stay arid and expel moisture as needed.

There are many types of shorts that can be worn for running and biking. A But, for swimming, running and biking, there really is a specific type of short that should be worn for the best efficiency at the end of the day for speed and agility. A Triathlon-specific shorts and apparel is what serious triathletes use to streamline their efforts and get faster times. A If you wear men’s or women’s triathlon shorts, which brand do you wear – Zoot, TYR, Sugoi, or another?