Ironing Board Hanger

ironing board hangerAn ironing board hanger is the most cost-effective way to organize your laundry day tasks. From wall mount and over the door types, you have many types to choose from to meet the needs of your living space. From homes with laundry rooms to apartments that need space-saving options, there’s a simple, ironing board storage solution your you.

This easy to install hanging hook system will make storing an ironing board easy and convenient. many people don’t give it much thought, but the effort you put into ironing clothing can really take its toll. This is especially true if all the equipment is scattered in different places. Spray bottles are often times used for other purposes than just for clothing. Starch spray is stored in cupboards to keep out of reach from children. This is the same for irons and boards that are usually stored in out-of-the-way locations like in a closet. With an ironing board wall unit, this disorganization is eliminated.

The benefits of a laundry organizer as a storage solution for homes are fairly obvious. These products are built with organization, cleanliness, simplicity and efficiency in mind. If you are the one that does the laundry duties, then having the iron, ironing board, starch, spray bottles and anything else you like to use when ironing clothes, a central station or area is crucial for keeping this chore as streamlined as possible. This is where an ironing board door hanger excels. With this option, there is no need for you to make holes in the wall to screw in a hanging hook for your ironing board. Installation is simple with just the motion of hanging it over the door. Of course, for a more permanent solution a wall mounted hanger would be more appropriate.

The build and construction will vary from compact wire frame types to thicker molded plastic. Also, there are full metal ones that have legs to hold the board as well as a mesh basket to hold all your essentials. One thing to take note of is that ability of the hanger hooks on a particular unit to hold different styles of ironing boards. This is regarding t-leg and four-leg (y-leg) ironing boards. For even more durability, search for the ones made of steel when consider the perfect hanging caddy for your ironing equipment. Vinyl-coated ones are great for value, but for longer-lasting use, electrostatic painted ones are best.

Some popular features in the many types of ironing board hanger storage for over the door installation and wall-mounted are heat-resistant plastic for hot iron storage as well as convenience features like a space for iron cord storage. A holder or mesh basket for spray bottles and starch are also designed into some of the popular models sold in stores. As a minimum, the product should be able to hold the iron and board securely whether on the door or mounted to the wall. For wall-mount, make sure that the installation hardware like brackets and screws are included. A lock feature for the iron is also recommended depending on the frequency with which the door that it’s being mounted on is opened and closed.

Some popular brands include the Whitney Design 176, Cedar Fresh 166-1, Household Essentials 174 and products by Spectrum Diversified like the 66400 wall mount version and 89300 with basket for spray bottle and iron. For different price points and local shopping, check out stores like Walmart, Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as Menards, Wayfair and online. Most home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes and OSH will have many options to choose from, also. The price range will vary from $8 to $30 for the various models and types by names like Polder, Brabantia and Rowenta.

Over the Door Ironing Board Hanger Models

If you need more storage space, then getting a wall mount hanger with basket would be best. For a smaller installation that’s simple, a plastic or wire frame holder will be a sensible option. First thing is to choose over the door type or wall-mounted. After making this decision, color and material should be considered when choosing the best ironing board hanger for your home.