Lasko Ceramic Heater

lasko ceramic heaterLasko ceramic heater models are some of the most popular in use in cold homes all over. These space heaters with oscillating, tower features & remote controls have some of the options you’ll see in other great brands for sale now.  Things like adjustable thermostats and logic controls and digital displays can be found on Lasko heaters.

Lasso 754200, 755320, and 5367 are some of the popular heaters by Lasko.  Some are small portable Lasko ceramic heater models and some are tower models.  This depends on your needs for heat in terms of space and power.  Also, some are more complex with displays like the 755320 Lasko ceramic heater or there simple utility heaters with handles that can be carried anywhere.

The basic models will have an adjustable thermostat and a heater level.  With these simple controls, you’ll be able to get all your heating needs in a small package without the huge price tag of a whole house option.  If you’re in the market for a heating device in any size, a great place to start is a Lasko ceramic heater.

If you need to push heated air around a small or large room, the Lasko oscillating ceramic tower heater models are a good choice. These electric air heaters really are economical for the price you pay and the heat you get out of them. For many that don’t have central heating or do not have a fireplace, a heating unit like these by Lasko are sometimes the only choice. Keeping one by your feet or in additional to a blanket can be an excellent way to stay warm and save money during the winter months. The Lasko 5840, 5805 and 5367 are great space saving units that can be stored when not in use and pulled out for the fall and winter months.

Lasko Ceramic Heater Features

The electric element in the heater heats up when plugged in and it’s as simple as that. Some newer models come with a ionizer function and thermostat. The more expensive ones will be digital and have options like time, timers, and different speed and oscillating levels all adjustable via remote control. These are truly the top models in these lines of devices for portable and convenient heat for your home.

Lasko heaters are some of the most popular space heaters.  If you’ve experienced a home without central heating, you know the importance of a great personal heater.  If you’ve saved money by buying a Lasko ceramic heater, why did you choose this specific brand and model?