Pop Up Gazebo

pop up gazeboPop up gazebo canopy tents are the best for getting out of the sun & keeping dry outdoors in the rain, especially under models with sides, screen or netting.  Some models even have clear plastic windows.  These are great for both informal outdoors activities as well as formal events.  As you will see pop-up gazebos are quite versatile.

When the sun is beating down at a soccer game or picnic, you will definitely be the envy of the surrounding people when they see you under your canopy pop up gazebo.  The difference is really staggering.  Going up with sunscreen and a hat just won’t do it on some days.  The sun comes from all directions, so getting a shade shelter with sides or walls is a great thing to add to your setup.  If you still want to see out or keep the bugs from biting, you can buy screen walls or netting to further protect you from the elements.

For the perfect canopy tent, get one that will house all the people you expect to have comfortably.  On both hot and wet days, if too many people are under or in an outdoor gazebo popup, it can get humid and uncomfortable.  This is usually not the goal of an enjoyable day outside, so get the proper size pop up gazebo whether it be a 10′ x 10′, 8′ x 8′ or even a 20′ x 20′.

There are a few types of these canopy tents. There are the light weight ones for true portable use. Then there are ones with more heavy duty frames for more stationary use like in backyards. Knowing the type you need is important. As the heavy duty ones aren’t truly pop up. You will have to construct them. With the portable tents, they usually come with a bag for easy transport and storage. No parts are usually need to accompany these besides the sides. You may want to have some weights or sandbags available for windy days outdoors so the pop-up doesn’t fly away from a gust of wind.

More on Pop Up Gazebo Canopies

As you know, staying out of the sun on hot days and staying dry on wet days is important.  A shade shelter or pop-up canopy and tents like those by Caravan and EZ Up are great ways to do this in an easy and portable way.  If you own one of these, what brand and model do you have?  Does your pop up gazebo have sidewalls, netting, or screen?