Rubbermaid Step Stool

rubbermaid step stoolA Rubbermaid step stool is extremely handy around the house. The 2 and 3 step, folding stools will really help you reach those things in hard-to-reach places and can be stored away easily when not in use. There are even molded, plastic ones that are great for kids and even younger children like toddlers to aid them in their quest to wash their own hands or get up to the countertop in the kitchen to help mom and dad.

There are various models of step stools in the Rubbermaid family of products to meet our needs. Popular ones are the one step molded, plastic stools, the 2-step folding models and the rolling, mobile units with retractable castors for office use and hardwood floors. For families that want to match the stool to their existing color schemes in the home decor, the company offers a wide array of colors to meet your needs. This includes white, black, green, brown, gray and beige (bisque / almond) for starters. For heavy duty applications, there’s the Rouchneck line. These step stools are lightweight, but can handle up to 300 lbs. in capacity. The EZ Step series is also a great place to start a search for a utility stool for your home.

One very popular and useful model is the one with a tool box integrated into the stool. This can be use as storage for anything. You can put kids activity things like crayons and pencils as well as craft-related items like yarn, sewing stuff or household repair things like tape and glue. This model with hand box is the 7768. This is a molded plastic style of stool that isn’t foldable. But, the extra space is a good trade-off for many homeowners. This product is currently hard to find online and in stores. Looking to places like eBay and Craiglist for it may be viable options.

Benefits of a Rubbermaid Step Stool:

  • Quickly get to hard-to-reach places in your home
  • Easy storage when not in use (folding models)
  • Safe – nonskid footpads, no slipping
  • Longevity – will not dent or rust
  • If you need a more sturdy solution, Rubbermaid makes lightweight, steel stools as well as seen here. These fold up thin with a large standing platform. Heavy duty, but still ultralight makes this version of the Rubbermaid step stool very portable. Like other step stools made by the company, these come in 2-step and 3-step versions and even those with highback for better stability.

    However, for most families, the storage aspect as well as the extra vertical increase are the most important factors. This limits the options to the EZ step folding step stool (4209) and the two-step and three-step steel stool options. Among the other conenient features, the EZ Step can stand up on it’s own when folded. This is great so that it doesn’t have to lean on anything when no in use. This creates less stress on our walls or other things that a normal folding stool would have to lean against. Another style that can be sen in many homes is the one step stools with four legs (4200). These economy units come in small and large sizes depending on need. They are the hard plastic kind that can be seen in kitchens and garages for those that need a more semi-permanant solution like those that need a little boost to comfortably access the stovetop or sink areas on a daily basis.

    The Rubbermaid name is well-known and has products for sale in stores like Target, Walmart and Lowes. Of course, you can find a variety of pricing options online like at Amazon and elsewhere. Make sure to think about shipping costs and applicable taxes when shopping on the internet. However, with larger items like these one-piece items, many companies will offer free shipping incentives to buy with them. This can be the case with the various 2 and 3 step models of molded, plastic and folding Rubbermaid step stool models for sale.