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Swiss Gear tents is a great camping tent option for beginners and seasoned campers alike. You’ll be able to find huge 4 person to 10 person or more tents as well as lightweight backpacking tents. You can depend on Swiss Army products and especially the outdoors gear because it is manufactured by Wenger. So, getting replacement poles and parts should be quite a painless task.

swiss gear tentsThe popular Wenger tents by Swiss Gear include the Kanderstag backpacking tent, Niesen Hiker tent, Cheval Sport, Falera and Montreaux St. Alban Family Dome Tent. Many families have camped in these top quality tents for years. Many companies make tents for summer camping, but you’ll be able to find 4 season tents from SwissGear as well. This shows their dedication to serious camping enthusiasts.

With many tents, reviews are mixed. Sometimes people get a bad tent that’s faulty or there is one poor design feature. Again, knowing where and in what conditions you’re going to camp in will make a big difference. If you’re going to camp in possible wet conditions, make sure your tent has a rainfly. Not all outdoor camping tents come with this option. Also, if you’re not going to be at a campsite and really going to be backpacking, have a footprint or tarp to put under your tent as to not damage it. Some problems are user error and some are by the maker of the tent. Your experiences will vary.

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One big factor is knowing how to build and setup your tent. Practicing at home before hand or laying out the parts and looking at the instructions when building it for the first before you go out in nature is a good idea. outdoor Swiss Gear tents like other companies will come with clear and friendly instructions and comparable features of any other tent in that price range. you’ll be surprised at what you get when you purchase a Swiss Gear product.

Most of the big dome cabin tents for family camping will come with multiple rooms and storage space for comfortable camping. All this for normally a lower price than other more known brand name tents. The best way to start your search for the perfect tent is by figuring out the capacity of the living space needed. Then you can narrow down by size.

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Whether you need a base camp at a camp ground or site, there will be many options for you to choose from. For the backpackers and long distance hikers go small and lightweight. Then, there are family dome camping tents for everyone in between. Start with Swiss Gear tents for camping in your search for a camping shelter and you’ll be in good shpae from the start.