Tent Waterproofing Spray

The best tent waterproofing spray will not only keep water and moisture out of your camping tent, but most of the water proofing products for sale also have other beneficial qualities that make it well worth the purchase price. If you have tents that need re-waterproofing, then treating your trusty outdoor shelter with a coat of tent water proofing spray could do the trick.

tent waterproofing sprayThere are many other tent waterproofing spray products and treatments on the market like tape and nylon or even tent seam sealers. If you have holes or worn seams, these physical fixes may help. But, if the camping tent has been used for many trips and has been subjected to many days in the sun, wind and rain, then the original waterproofing on the whole tent may need a new coat.

Protecting any surface can be easily and cheaply done with a tent waterproofing spray like the ones mentioned below. Some popular products include Nikwax, Aqua Armor Fabric spray, and water and solar coating treatments by Coleman and Mcnett. Some other brands that people have used over the years include Kiwi Camp Dry, Starbrite and Granger tent water proofing sprays. These come in spray bottles that vary from 16 oz., 32 oz., to 500ml volumes depending on the size of your tent or if you have multiple tents. A little will go a long way.

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Popular online retailers like Target and Walmart will carry these types of waterproofing sprays for camping tents. If you’re looking to save some money, eBay and Amazon are options as well. If you want to see what outdoors enthusiast have used, places like REI and other outdoors stores are sure to have different types of water-resistant tent products for sale as well as some user reviews.

The great thing about waterproofing tents is that the spray will usually also be a solar and uv blocking as well. This is great for the two types of things that a tent will face in the outdoors, heat from the sun and water from rain. From canvas waterproof spray to advance tent sealants, most of the products will offer this added benefit so you’ll be covered in both hot and wet days while you’re enjoying your camping trip with the family. Water sealant products by Nikwax and Aqua Armor also feature fluids that are water-based and eco-friendly. These also boast having no odor and also containing oil repellency characteristics.

Tent Waterproofing Spray For Sale

There really is no guide needed to apply these sprays. Just make sure to get a nice even spread. Some of the products are heat activated, so doing it on a sunny day would be a good idea. Depending on the product, they may advise you to let it sit for a certain amount of time for the spray to set. Follow the directions as each company uses different fluids and mixtures.

From the US to the UK and as far as NZ, people all over the world love camping and getting back to nature. If you’re one of the ones that have had the same camping tent for many years, it may be time to re-waterproof it. This is definitely a more cost-effective way to prolong the life of your existing tent so that you don’t have to buy a new one. Getting a tent waterproofing spray to act as a new sealant for your canvas or nylon tent is the way to go to keep enjoying the outdoors with your trusty family camping tent.