Trash Cans With Wheels

trash cans with wheelsTrash cans with wheels are the best options for curbside waste disposal of garbage, recyclables, and yard debris. These large, outdoor waste bins are made of heavy-duty plastic resin and come with two durable wheels and molded handle for easy transport to and from the curb or waste pickup area. These were first used in commercial and business environments, but as needs change, they have been adapted for residential use and can be seen in neighborhoods across the country.

Rubbermaid makes a variety of different trash can products including these wheeled trash cans for home use. The entry-level model (1345) is 45 gallons and features a snap-fit lid and handle system. The plastic material can withstand sunlight and cold, which are two things that a garbage can will have to face throughout the year. The bin is made of lighter weight plastic, so it is lighter and can be easier to push for kids and seniors. Wheels on these types of bins usually range from 8” to 10” in size for optimal durability and movement. These are typically not compatible with semi-automated or automated lift systems from various waste management vehicles. If you live in an area with this type of collection service, contacting the company for details is the best action to take.

The company also makes a more heavy-duty line called the Roughneck series. These come in 23, 45 and 50 gal. sizes (5j81). This outdoor trash can comes with many more improvements over the lighter weight model. It is designed with a lock for the liner bag so that it doesn’t collapse. Also, there are vents on the bin that makes it easier to get the bag out with no suction effect. The lid opens to two different positions. The first is, of course, all the way open. The more convenient position is 80 degrees for daily use. One thing that the hinged lid is useful for is from theft. Loose lids are prone to disappearing at night while waiting for trash collection. There are even models that have locks on them to prevent unauthorized access. The round grips and wide wheel base make the product easy to grasp and maneuver.

Top brands like Rubbermaid trash cans with wheels can be found for sale at home stores and big box locations online and locally like Home Depot, Ace hardware, Lowes, Menards or Walmart. Some feel that these items are large and probably cost quite a bit to ship, but with many companies that sell things online. Things with prices over a certain range or threshold will ship for free no matter the size. Many of these large trash cans fall into that price range. Saving on shipping costs is where shopping around will help a great deal. When searching online as with local sales, make sure the lid shuts tight and snaps down is this feature is desired. It can be helpful for areas that have strong winds. Also, if debris usually has smelly items like pet waste, then making sure the lid really closes down to keep the odor from getting out is usually a top concern for those that live close to other neighbors or where trash is only picked up once a week. Controlling debris smell can keep away rodents and pests as well as make general living conditions pleasant if people have to pass by these waste bins on a daily basis.

Some other brands to consider are Toter and Continental. The 32 gallon sizes are the most popular from these brands. They come in blue, dark green, gray and black. The blue one is the conventional recycle can color with the symbol on it for easy identification. This can be used for yard waste like grass trimmings and leaves. The wheels are made of heavy duty material for easy transportation even over dirt, gravel and other hard to navigate terrain. Another great feature is the molded in handles that most of these commercial style garbage cans are designed with. This makes for another thing that can’t break or wear with use. Since trash collection is normally twice a week, being able to withstand constant use is a must for something like a waste receptacle. Many online reviews have stated that the Toter (025532-01GRS, 025532-D1GRS) is one of the best products on the market for garbage collection. It’s similar to the ones that are for rent by waste companies and affordable enough to buy instead of a traditional non-wheeled type that doesn’t have a hinged lid that’s made of less durable materials. Another thing about trash cans is color. Most are black, green, blue or gray. However, there are customizable colors like pink, copper, orange and even red. Before going out and buying one of your favorite shade, contact the city or waste disposal co. for any applicable restrictions regarding this.

Large Trash Cans With Wheels – 32, 50 & 96 Gallon

There are different sizes and styles of trash cans that people use at home for their garbage. Typically, small ones are used in the bathroom, larger ones in the kitchen and then the 32 or 50 gallon wheeled cans outdoors for the waste management companies to pickup. Brands like Rubbermaid, Continental and Toter have excellent options in all sizes for consumers. For those that aren’t ready to spend money on a new trash can, getting a trash container dolly could work in the mean time are getting add-on wheels to adapt any trash can and make it a wheeled one like the waste baskets with tires featured here. This option would require more work to install the castor wheels and sometimes not last too long, so weighing the price savings versus the eventual need to replace the whole setup should be evaluated before buying. However, for homeowners looking for an easy and convenient method of getting trash out of the house and on to the curb for collection, heavy duty trash cans with wheels are the best choice for reliable, residential garbage disposal.