Triathlon Bike Shoes

Pearl Izumi Triathlon Bike ShoesStrategically made triathlon bike shoes vs road shoes help you get in & out of transitions. Companies like Zoot, Shimano, Specialized, Sidi, Carnac & others make cycling shoes especially for the triathlon biking stage. A Which are the best tri bike shoes and why? A Are there ones made for women’s feet as well as wide fit shoes for men with larger feet?

What makes for good tri bike shoes? A There are several things triathletes look for in a good triathlon shoe for cycling. A The first thing is weight! A Triathlon athletes are crazy about lightweight everything. A The real enthusiasts and pros will have everything they can get their hands on that is made of carbon fiber. A This goes for triathlon biking shoes as well! A There are many high end models of cycling shoes that are made of carbon fiber which makes for a light and strong shoe; not to mention, expensive!

Triathlon Bike Shoes For Women & Men

Tri cycling shoes are important for a few reasons that will be discussed here. The other thing that makes for a great triathlon bike shoe are straps for getting into and out of the shoes during the transition phases easier. A Laces are a no-no in the sport of triathlon unless they’re bungee cords, but with cycling shoes, to get the tightness needed, it’s all about velcro straps here. A But, not any velcro straps. A The strap are usually outward facing so that strapping in and out while biking (for speed), during the beginning and ending of the bike stage, the straps don’t get caught in your front cog. A This genius idea and innovation saves time, injury, and accidents. Another tips is to put rubber bands on the shoes to attach them in the right direction to the cranks to get into them easies while biking. The force of the first push will snap the rubber bands and you’ll have your foot in the shoes without having to fumble around to get them right side up.

Many wonder the difference between triathlon biking shoes vs road shoes. There are a few differences. The strap position as mentioned before is one of them. Also, you’ll find that most will not have ridges or cleats on the bottom as people that race will never take these off the pedals as they go into and out of transitions barefoot or with only socks on to save time. Most triathlon bike shoes and pedals will be very lightweight and have airing options like removable vents and covers for hot and cold days.

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If you wear tri-specific biking shoes for biking, which ones do you have? A Are they carbon fiber? A Do you feel that the triathlon shoes for biking help in your transition phase? A Of the many different types of tri sporting gear, how would you rate the importance of tri-specific bicycle shoes? Share with us anything else you think would be important to know about triathlon bike shoes for sale.