Vasque Hiking Boots

vasque hiking bootsVasque hiking boots are some of the most popular hiking shoes for a reason. Models like the Sundowner, Breeze, Blur, & Zephyr have been the favorite trekking boots of hikers from all over.  Vasque shoes are known for their comfort and performance.  This is also the case with Vasque boots and hiking shoes.

Does Vasque make the best hiking boots?  This is arguable, but it’s definitely up there at the top.  You’ll see their shoes in all the recreational stores like REI.  Whether you’re into trail running or long hikes, you’ll find a Vasque shoe that’s right for you.  There are models of Vasque boots for hiking like the Summit GTX that is really made for the hardcore outdoors types. Then, there’s hiking shoes like the Breeze that has less reinforcement on the outsole and upper to lower the weight and price for the weekend warriors. Also, look into the Taku, Juxt and Velocity shoes for a different footwear option from Vasque.

If you’re in the market for a great hiking boot with all the bells and whistles like Gore-tex and high grade leather uppers as well as the best soles and technology to keep your feet happy; check out men’s and women’s Vasque hiking boots. For both men and women with wide and narrow feet, Vasque has engineered shoes for hiking especially for both genders. Sizing and comfort are both taken into consideration in the development process. Hikers love them so much they even search for vintage models as well as discount models on last year’s models to save some money. Of they will find ways of resoling or resole repair services for their broken in pairs that have lost thread form years of hiking. This is the sign of a good outdoors gear manufacturer. Along with brands like Asolo and Merrell, Vasque is up there as some of the best hiking boots available for sale.

For those just starting their search for hiking boots, check out the Sundowner and Breeze GTX. These are staple models in the Vasque line of outdoors footwear products. When you become familiar with the different types of technology associated with these shoes, then start comparisons with lower and higher models to find the best fit for budget and sizing. This goe for both men and women. Many love the newer GTX models like the Summit line, but there are still hikers that love the old, vintage look of Vasque boots made years ago. I’m sure these outdoorsmen would consider the Vasque brand one of the best hiking boots manufacturers in the market today.

Vasque Hiking Boots From Men & Women

If you’ve ever owned a pair of Vasque shoe or boots, which model did you get?  Did you like them?  How was the fit of the boot compared to other brands that you’ve tried in the past?  Did you have to break in the boots or were they ready to wear out of the box?  Would you recommend the boots you got for long-distance of recreational use?  Which Vasque hiking boots or shoes would you suggest people try out?