Victor Ultimate Flea Trap

victor ultimate flea trapA Victor Ultimate Flea Trap is a viable option for getting rid of fleas. These flea traps use their patented technology & method to lure in and catch fleas from dogs, cats, and other domesticated pets. If you have a flea control problem or even a flea infestation, you may benefit from a Victor flea trap.

The way Victor flea traps work is by using a combination of heat, light, and a glue pad.  The fleas are attracted by the heat of the lamp.  This is because the system mimics warm-blooded animals.  Then, when they jump into the trap, they get stuck by the glue pad. This is one of the better solutions out there as different techniques are employed in this one product.

These traps are good because they’re nontoxic, don’t contain poisons, and are odorless.  This makes them safe for household pets; unless they step into the glue pad, of course.  This safety issue is a big concern for people, but is somewhat of a hindrance of these types of flea traps. These are marketed as no poison, so it’s safe to have in your home. Then there is the Woodstream m231 and m230 models for home and garden use.

Victor Ultimate Flea Trap Benefits

Since there are no chemicals used, Victor Ultimate traps and other similar ones don’t deal with flea eggs which will spawn to become grown fleas.  Of course, these can then get caught in the trap, but the cycle never ends.  Getting to the eggs is the solution to rid your home of these pests.

But, if you have a really bad flea infestation or need immediate flea control due to the high season or perhaps only get fleas during the season, then a heated flea trap or electric flea trap like the Victor traps may be the best, safest and most cost efficient way to go. If you are in need of relief from fleas, then you’ve probably tried everything and are even motivated to try more techniques to get these little guys out of your home for good.

There are different methods to kill fleas.  There are sprays, solutions and traps.  If you have a flea infestation in your house or need help in some minor flea control, a flea trap may help.  Among the top brands is Victor.  If you’ve used this brand, would you recommend a Victor Ultimate flea trap?